Photos Of Karpathos Island In Greece

A few photos of Karpathos island in Greece, to complement our Amazon guidebook about the beautiful island! 

Karpathos photos

Here is a small selection of Karpathos photos.

Kyra Panagia beach

Kyra Panagia beach

The port town, Pigadia

An evening view of Pigadia Karpathos

Olympos village

A view of Olympos village Karpathos

Diafani port townLocal beach at Diafani port Karpathos

Landscape in Northern Karpathos

Driving around Karpathos

Women at a local bakery

Women in Menetes Bakery Karpathos

Olympos, between the sea and the sky

Vanessa in Karpathos

Sheltered beach in Amoopi

Best beaches in Karpathos - Amoopi

A woman in traditional attire

A woman in traditional costume in Karpathos

Colors of Karpathos

Colors of Karpathos Greece

View of Pigadia port town

Pigadia port town Karpathos

Statue of the woman of Olympos

Where to stay in Karpathos - Best areas and hotels

Boat from Diafani port to Saria island

Diafani port Karpathos

Achata beach

View of Achata beach Karpathos

Makarounes, local handmade pasta, drying in the sun

Handmade makarounes from Olympos

Hiking paths of Karpathos

Hiking around Olympos Karpathos

Snorkeling in Karpathos 

Snorkeling in Karpathos Greece

A woman in Olympos village

A woman in Olympos Karpathos

Crystal clear waters in Saria island

Day trip to Saria island from Karpathos

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