The Best Time Of Year To Visit Greece

People often think of Greece as just a summer destination. Although the Greek beaches are gorgeous in summer, Greece has a lot more to offer. As an example, did you know that Greece has 23 ski resorts? Here’s more information about the best time of year to visit Greece!

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Greece in summer (June – August) – Is summer really the best time of year to visit Greece?

Welcome to Greece – A warm, dry climate and lots of sun. Lovely beaches and clear blue sea. Island-hopping, or driving along the coast. Sand between your toenails. A Greek salad with a glass of ouzo. Plenty of ancient sites and antiquities, for some. Long nights and lazy days, for others.

Best time of year to visit Greece - Snorkel

For many people, this is the essence of Greece. If you are a summer person, have a look at our top 10 tips for visiting Greece in summer.

However, if you want to discover some of Greece’s many other faces, you might prefer to visit in other seasons.

Greece in autumn (September – November)

Autumn can be a great season to visit Greece. If you like swimming, September is one of the best months.

The sea is much warmer than in early summer, and the tourist crowds are gone. Alternatively, if you like mountains and lakes, visiting Greece in autumn can be very rewarding.

Autumn in Greece can be really nice

If you are in Greece at the right time of year, you can even pick chestnuts! Mountainous Nafpaktia area, a few hours from Athens, organises the chestnut picking festival in October each year.

A forest in the autumn in Greece

In bigger cities, normal activities resume after summer, and you are likely to come across several cultural events. Just remember to bring an umbrella, as rain can be quite intense!

Here are some of the warmest Greek islands to visit in October. And have a look at this article about Athens in November!

Greece in winter (December – February)

With temperatures in Greece dropping to 0 C (32 F) or less in winter, it’s no surprise that 23 ski resorts operate throughout the country.

Parnassos, Vasilitsa and Kalavrita are among the most popular ski resorts in Greece. You can check out a map of Greece’s ski resorts here.

Remember, the sun will eventually appear, so make sure you pack some sunblock!

Winter in Greece can be incredible

If you are interested in museums and the ancient sites, winter can be a great time to visit Greece.

The main attractions in Greece are not as crowded as in summer, apart from the occasional school trip. Make sure you are informed of closing times, and plan your visit accordingly!

Greece in spring (March – May)

Spring in Greece is absolutely amazing. Apart from the occasional rainy day in March, the weather is generally mild and dry.

This is the best time of the year to go white water rafting. Hiking will also reward you with great views and flowers blossoming everywhere.

Poppies in Greece

Swimming is definitely possible, although the sea will be quite cold as snow may still be melting.

Best time of year to visit Greece - Snow in spring

An interesting time to be in Greece, even if you are not religious, is around Easter, in April or late May.

Easter in Greece

Greek Easter is very important, and probably unlike anything else you have ever seen, so consider this when you are booking your tickets!

Conclusion – When is the best time of year to visit Greece?

In fact, it’s really hard to answer that question and it all depends on your preferences.

  • Spring – Outdoor activities
  • Summer – Beaches and sun
  • Autumn – Mountains and lakes
  • Winter – Skiing

Dave loves cycling, so he prefers spring and autumn, when temperatures are not super high. Vanessa loves summer, as she likes swimming and snorkelling.

Speaking of which, have a look at our article about our ten favourite beaches in Greece!

Visit Greece in autumn Visit Greece in spring

When is YOUR favourite time of year to be in Greece? Please let us know in the comments below!

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