Athens in November – Weather, Events and Things to Do

November in Athens can be an exciting month! Here’s what to expect in terms of weather, attractions, special events, and things to do in Athens in November.

November in Athens Greece

November is the shoulder season in Greece. While many of the island resorts have closed down by November, it’s a fantastic time of year to visit Athens.

Compared to summer, there are fewer crowds, accommodation prices are lower, and many attractions cost less to visit. Sunshine is common, though you will probably get a few rainy days as well.

Athens Monastiraki square

There are plenty of things to do in Athens in November. The city comes to life with many festivals and events, including the annual Athens Marathon, which takes place on the second Sunday of the month.

If you want to experience local life and enjoy what the city has to offer, November is one of the best months to visit Athens. Here is everything you need to know, and whats on in Athens.

Weather in Athens in November

Depending on where you are visiting from, you might find that November weather in Athens is mild and pleasant compared to your country. Overall, you should expect relatively warm temperatures and some sunny days, but also some rain, and the occasional thunderstorm.

Neoclassical building in Athens

The average temperature during the day is about 18 C (64.4 F), and can sometimes be over 20 C (68 F). On the other hand, the evenings can get chilly, with temperatures usually dropping under 10 C (50 F) and sometimes under 5 C (41 F).

In fact, foreign visitors from colder climates find the weather in November more agreeable than during the summer months, when temperatures can soar over 40 C (104F)!

Athens Greece in November: The weather at a glance

The weather in Athens is generally warmer during the first two weeks of November, though there can be much variation from one day to the next.

Explore Ancient Athens in November

If you like numbers, here are some stats about Athens weather in November:

  • Average temperature: 16-19 C / 61-66 F
  • Average low temperature: 8-12 C / 46-53 F
  • Average high temperature: 19-21 C / 66-70 F
  • Average sea temperature: 19-20 C / 66-68 F
  • Average rainfall: 10 days of precipitation per month
  • Average snowfall: 0 days of snowfall per month
  • Average wind speed: 4-6 kt – how geeky is that!

On 1st November, the sun rises at 6:51, and sets at 17:27. On the 30th of the month, sunrise is at 7:21, and sunset is at 17:06. So if you visit in early November, you get almost one extra hour of daylight.

What to pack for Athens in November

If you are visiting Athens in November, it’s best to bring a mix of clothes that you can layer.

On days with good weather, you can comfortably go around in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. However, make sure you pack a light jacket or cardigan and a few sweaters for your trip. Also, don’t forget to bring a rain jacket or an umbrella.

A mild November day in Athens

A crisp November day in Athens

And while the water temperature is nowhere near as warm as in summer, many Athenians still go swimming in November. So why not bring a swimsuit as well!

Here’s some more information on what to pack for Greece for every season. Tip: Good footwear is very important when you are walking around the ancient ruins!

November is a budget month to visit Athens

As it’s the shoulder season, November is an excellent month to visit Athens if you are on a budget.

Flights from most European countries are usually a lot cheaper in November, compared to summer. Last minute tickets can still be expensive, but if you book in advance you can generally find very low prices.

November is a great month to visit Athens

As an example, return fares from London can cost you under 50 euro – yes, even in 2022! You can use a great search engine Skyscanner, to compare flights.

Apart from fares, you will find that accommodation is also more affordable in November. You can find budget rooms walking distance from Plaka and the main attractions, starting at 30-40 euros a night!

Last but not least: the ancient sites and the public museums offer half-price entrance from November to March. Plus, they are free to visit on the first Sunday of November. Here is some more information on free admission dates for the ancient sites in Greece.

Second Sunday in Athens: The Athens Classic Marathon

One of the most important events happening in Athens in November, is the annual Classic Athens Marathon race. It takes place on the second Sunday of November, and attracts thousands of observers and athletes from all over the world.

The race begins at the town of Marathon, 42 kms north-east of Athens, and ends inside the Panathenaic Stadium, right in the city centre.

Classic Marathon in Athens Greece

It is a fantastic day to walk around the Greek capital! Several roads are closed to the traffic, and the atmosphere is overall merry, irrespective of the weather conditions. I love watching the participants!

Here is some more information about the Athens Marathon.

Demonstration on 17 November in Athens

In Greece, the 17th November marks the anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising, the student uprising against the military junta, which happened in 1973. On this day, every year, thousands of Athenians march towards the US Embassy. The demonstration usually results in clashes with the police.

Nov 17 Greece - Demonstration in Athens

Unless you want to participate in the march, avoid the areas close to Panepistimio, Omonia, Evangelismos and Megaro Moussikis metro stations. If you are staying in one of the Athens hotels in these areas or on Syntagma Square, keep your eyes open.

Also, note that certain metro stations in central Athens close after 2-3 pm, and usually don’t reopen until the end of the evening. If you need to get to areas like Panepistimio, Syntagma and Megaro Moussikis, walking might be the best way. Here is some more information about the Athens metro.

Here is a guide on demonstrations in Athens on 17 November.

Things to do in November in Athens

So now that we’ve checked out the weather and special events, let’s see what there is to do in Athens in November!

Explore Ancient Athens

Did you know that there are seven major archaeological sites in Athens? November is a great month to walk in the steps of ancient Greeks and explore all of them.

The Roman Agora in Athens

Apart from the entry fees being lower, you also get milder weather than in summer, which is great if you are planning to climb up Acropolis Hill. Plus, there won’t be so many other tourists – you might even have some of the sites to yourselves!

Not just the Acropolis

The most popular ancient site in Athens and Greece is the Acropolis, a large citadel where you can see the ruins of several temples, including the Parthenon.

You can visit on your own, though if you want to find out more about our ancient history, consider going on a guided tour of the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum.

Here is some more information about more archaeological sites you can see in Athens, and how to walk around the ancient sites for free.

Wander around Plaka neighbourhood

Plaka is a popular area in Athens. This picturesque neighborhood is located at the base of the Acropolis and is filled with narrow streets, quaint shops, and traditional Greek restaurants.

Stroll around Plaka Athens

It’s the perfect place to wander and explore on a sunny November day. And if you get tired of walking, there are plenty of cafes to stop at.

Have a look at these guides about Plaka:

Visit some of the excellent Athens museums

On a rainy November day, you can head to one of the many museums in Athens. Apart from the famous Acropolis museum, there are over 80 museums in the city!

The museums in Athens offer reduced entrance in November

If you are interested in finding out more about ancient Greece, some of the best museums to visit are the National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, and the Benaki Museum. They host impressive collections of Greek artifacts, including sculptures, pottery, and jewelry.

On the other hand, if you are more into the arts, you will be pleased to know that there are several art museums in galleries in Athens. Some of my favourite ones include the Goulandris Art Museum, the National Gallery and the Benaki Pireos branch, which hosts temporary exhibitions.

Painting by a Greek artist

Here is some more information:

Take a half-day trip to the temple of Poseidon

This is one of my favourite activities for a cool November day! The temple of Poseidon is located at Cape Sounion, about 70 kms out of central Athens.

Poseidon temple Athens half day trip

The location is right on the coast, offering fantastic views of the Aegean Sea. If I was God Poseidon, this is where I’d like my temple to be!

You can get to Cape Sounion by public bus, which is quite time-consuming, or rental car. You can also take a transfer and guided tour to the Temple of Poseidon.

Here is some more information about the Temple of Poseidon, and the 12 Ancient Greek Gods of Mount Olympus.

Soak up the sun at a beach close to Athens

Yes, it might be too cold to swim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach! Athens is home to some stunning coastline, so take a walk or relax on the sand and soak up the autumn sun.

You can easily take the tram to reach the coast close to Athens, known as the Athens Riviera. For more information, have a look at this article about how to get around Athens.

Go to a performance, live music event or party

November is a great month to catch a show or performance in Athens. Even if the performance is in Greek, it’s still one of the best Athens experiences you can have. Or you can always look for some live music.

This website will help you find events in Athens and more cities in Greece.

A live dance performance in Athens

If you are looking for parties and nightlife, Facebook and Instagram are both great – just look for “party Athens”.

As a lot of this information will only be in Greek, you can always use Google Translate to help you with translation. Here are a few more useful apps for your trip to Greece.

Go shopping in Athens

November is a good time to go shopping in Athens, as it’s less crowded, and there are often some good offers.

For clothes and shoes, the main shopping areas in the city centre include Ermou street and its maze of side streets. Kolonaki is the best area for designer and upmarket clothes, but you can also find cool items in Koukaki and Psiri.

Shopping in Athens

If you are interested in herbs, spices and any type of food, the Varvakios Athens food market is the best place to go. This is where many Athenians do a lot of their shopping.

Finally, head to Plaka and Monastiraki for fun and quirky souvenir items. If you are thinking to buy number 16, have a close look before you decide who to give it to 🙂

Here is my complete guide about shopping in Athens.

Get off the beaten path with a street art tour

If it’s your first visit to Athens, you might be surprised at the amounts of street art and graffiti that you will see everywhere. While some visitors find it intimidating, others love it.

If you want to see some of the lesser visited areas of Athens, you can take a street art tour. Apart from the amazing murals and other art works, you will explore a few of the less touristy neighbourhoods, where Athenians hang out.

Street art in Athens Greece

Just bring comfy shoes, and an open mind!

FAQ about Athens in November

Here are a few more questions that readers have asked in the past:

Is November a good time to visit Athens?

November is a great time to visit Athens. The weather is generally pleasant, and though it rains sometimes, you will definitely get a few sunny days. November is also more affordable in terms of accommodation and entrance fees to many attractions. Finally, there are fewer tourists, so you won’t have to beat the queues to the Acropolis.

Is November a good time to visit Greece?

If you visit Greece in November, you are likely to experience cool temperatures and some rain. But you’ll also get to see the country without the crowds, and enjoy more affordable accommodation and attractions. Overall, anytime is a good time to travel to Greece!

Is Athens cold in November?

The average temperatures in Athens in November range between 8-18 C (46-64 F). While you are bound to get some sunny days, it’s best to bring a few winter clothes as well.

Is Athens open in November?

Athens is bustling in November. You will find plenty of events and activities in the Greek capital, including the Athens Marathon which happens on the second Sunday in November.

How do people dress in Athens in November?

The weather in Athens in November can be quite cool. Most Athenians will wear a jacket or light coat, or a heavier overcoat on chilly days. The style is quite casual, so unless you are dining at an upscale restaurant jeans are fine.

Should I visit the Greek islands in November?

If you visit the Greek islands in November, you will see an entirely different side to them. Even the most famous islands will be much quieter than in summer. The smaller, more remote islands might even bee too quiet.

I really enjoyed visiting Santorini in November a few years ago – and the iconic sunsets were fabulous. In fact, winter sunsets are much more vivid than summer sunsets – there’s a scientific explanation for that 🙂

Visiting Santorini in November

Other great options are Rhodes and Crete, where there are many attractions and things to do. And you might even get a chance to spend some time on the beautiful beaches.

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