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Welcome to Real Greek Experiences, a travel blog about Greece and the Greek islands. We offer information and tips about the beautiful Mediterranean country, and help travellers plan their Greek vacation independently.

Real Greek Experiences – An introduction to Greek life

In this Greece travel blog, we suggest the best places to visit in Greece, and offer travel tips about weather, transportation, food and sightseeing. We also write about Greek culture, history, customs, and Greek lifestyle.

Real Greek Experiences - Acropolis in Athens Greece

You will find articles on popular destinations, such as Athens, the famous Mykonos and Santorini, Ancient Delphi and the Meteora monasteries.

However, our aim is to introduce you to the less visited areas, focusing on authenticity. We write about the places we visit ourselves, and make sure you experience things the way locals do.

Our vision is to help you explore and discover Greece without any stress, and have a Real Greek Experience during your holiday!

A few articles to get you started on Real Greek Experiences

Here are a few suggestions on where to start:

What to see in Athens in three days

A complete 3-day itinerary for the city of Athens, the Greek capital. Includes the main sights, local highlights, walking routes, and suggestions on places to eat.

What to do in Santorini in four days

How to spend four days in Santorini, the iconic Greek island which is a dream destination for thousands of people. You will find tips on beaches, mountain villages, boat cruises, wine tours, restaurants and more.

Driving in Greece

If you are interested in driving in Greece, you’ll have lots of fun reading this guide. To sum things up, not all Greeks drive like crazy, but there are some things you should take into consideration.

Real Greek Experiences on Mykonos island Greece

What to pack for Greece

A guide on what to pack for Greece, for all seasons – I can assure you that Greece has four seasons alright! Whatever you do, bring comfy shoes, a few different layers of clothes, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Greek celebrations

An article on the major Greek celebrations, religious days and public holidays, which are a big part of everyday life. Includes information on the Greek panigiria, local feasts with lots of eating, drinking and traditional Greek dancing.

Greek Orthodox Easter traditions

Greek Easter is the most important celebration in every single region of Greece. Here is all you need to know about the Greek traditions throughout the Holy Week, the joyous Anastasi liturgy on Good Saturday, and the special dishes prepared for Easter Sunday.

Quiet Greek islands in the Cyclades

Where to go if you want to escape the tourist crowds, and enjoy the seaside and mountains with your family or friends.

Real Greek Experiences - Food in Greece

50 popular dishes of Greece

Greece has so many more dishes apart from Greek salad, souvlaki and moussaka! This article includes information about our rich culinary tradition. You will find dishes based on meat, fish, dairy products, legumes, fresh produce, and good quality olive oil.

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Booking ferries and tours in Greece

First-time visitors are often confused when it comes to booking ferries in Greece. Ferryscanner is a search engine where you can compare ferry routes, prices, and book your ferry tickets online.

Some people might want to book a guided tour in Athens, or elsewhere in Greece. GetYourGuide is a website with literally hundreds of tours in Athens, the Greek islands and the rest of Greece. You can choose from sailing trips, cruises, food tours, guided tours in the ancient sites, and so much more!

Real Greek Experiences - Santorini

Greece Covid Restrictions 2022

Anyone travelling to Greece in 2022, should be familiar with the current Covid restrictions in Greece.

Here are two articles to help visitors, which I keep updating whenever things change. You can bookmark them and have a look just before your trip.

Enjoy your stay in Greece!

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