Athens Walking Tours With A Local – A Real Greek Experience!

Our Athens walking tours with a local show you a different side to the city. Whether you prefer to see alternative Athens, or want to learn more about Greek food, get ready for a Real Greek Experience!

A walk around the ancient sites of Athens with a local

So, it’s your first time in Athens and you’re planning to see the Acropolis and other ancient sites. This is a very important part of your trip, and you will learn a lot about the ancient Greek civilization.

At the same time, wouldn’t it be great to dive deeper into the modern Greek culture and everyday life?

This is where the “Real Greek Experiences” tours come in. The idea is to spend a few hours with a local, who can show you around Athens and explain about life in Greece, while at the same time exploring the streets of the Greek capital.

Private Walking Tours of Athens

Our private walking tours of Athens focus on culture, lifestyle and neighborhood exploration. You will get to see different parts of the city, taste different foods, and spend a day watching the locals go about their daily routines.

Discover cool street art on a walking tour of Athens

At the end of the tour, you will have gained a better understanding of life in Athens throughout the centuries, and also of what it means to live in Greece these days.

The tours are primarily run by Vanessa, an Athenian who is passionate about her city. Vanessa has loved travelling and meeting people from all over the world since she was very young, and she loves showing people around her city.

Tailor-Made Tours of Athens

Our Athens walking tours are fully customizable, and they can include anything from the highlights of Athens, the less known neighborhoods, or places where visitors will most likely not venture on their own.

You will get a chance to ask any questions you wanted about Greece, and also find out more about the cuisine, customs, religion, art, music and anything else you might be interested in.

Learn the best places to buy souvenirs in Athens

Below are a selection of tours we currently offer. All of them aim to help you discover the Real Athens and Greece. The tours can be combined or we can also design a tailor-made day in Athens for you, the way you always imagined it!

Greek Experiences in Athens

Our current tours in Athens offer the following Real Greek Experiences:

  • Athens Highlights Tour
  • Alternative Athens Tour
  • Dinner With A Greek Tour
  • Athens Food Markets
  • Learn How To Cook Healthy Greek Dishes Tour
  • Rebetiko – Underworld Greek Folk Music Tour
  • Learn To Play Tavli (Backgammon)

We are happy to accommodate small groups of up to 8 people. Prices depend on the tour and number of participants.

Please email us at, and we will be happy to give you a quote for your group.

Athens Highlights Tour

Passing by old and new on an Athens highlights private walking tour

If this is your first time in Athens, or if you want to see central Athens through the eyes of a local, you will be interested in our “Athens highlights”, tour which will give you an idea of the most central areas of our vibrant city.

Areas we can visit typically include

  • Syntagma square and the Parliament
  • Monastiraki, with the flea market
  • Athinas street, with the central food market
  • Psiri area, with lots of street art
  • Thisseio and Acropolis, full of archaeological places
  • Plaka, with neoclassical buildings, small churches and souvenir shops.

This tour is roughly a 5-6 km walk so please bring comfortable shoes, an umbrella / a hat, a camera and anything else you may need, depending on season and weather.

Please note that this tour does not include time to visit the archaeological sites, which you can visit in your own time. If you have small children you might prefer a shorter walk, which we can design together.

We also suggest stopping for a meal or a coffee, in order to discuss about life in Athens since 3000 BC.


Alternative Athens Tour

Take an alternative athens tour and discover different neighborhoods in the city

If you have already visited the most important places in Athens, such as the historical sites and the popular neighborhoods, you can try our Alternative Athens tour.

In this tour, we will take you to one of the most controversial areas of central Athens, Exarchia, with lots of street art and the Polytechnic University. We will also walk around Omonia square, once among the most sought after areas of Athens, and Metaxourgio, where one of the biggest factories in Greece was once built. Kerameikos, with the vibrant nightlife, will be another stop. Please note that some parts of the tour might be upsetting.

Depending on your pace, this tour will be over 5-6 km, so please make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. You might want to bring an umbrella / a hat, a camera and anything else you may need, depending on season and weather.

We also suggest stopping for a meal, in order to discuss about life in Athens and Greece these days.


Dinner With A Greek

Enjoy dinner with a Greek, and learn more about life in contemporary Athens

It’s your third day in Athens, and all you have eaten so far is Greek salad, souvlaki, gyros and moussaka? Perhaps it’s time that you tried something new! We invite you to have dinner with a local who can explain all you ever wanted to know about Greek cuisine, and suggest dishes that you have never heard of.

We will go to a local restaurant with great food, and experience the Greek way of eating, where all dishes are shared with everyone. Here’s your chance to ask whatever you always wanted to know about Athens, Greece and Greek food – and we will also e-mail you a few quick recipes to try at home!


Athens Food Markets

Exploring the food markets of Athens during a private walking tour

Come with us for a slow, comprehensive walk around the food markets of central Athens (vegetables, meat, fish, spices, cheese, bakeries etc). Here you can taste a few different types of food and drink, ask all you ever wanted about Greek food, and buy good quality, local-priced goodies to take back home!


Learn How To Cook Healthy Greek Dishes

Learn how to create healthy Greek dishes during a food in Athens

In this workshop / get-together, you will discover how to cook some Greek dishes that you’ve heard of, and some others that you probably have no idea about! Price includes all foods and drinks, and instructions on how to make some Greek dishes – needless to say, it’s YOU who will do the cooking! All you need to bring is yourself, your questions about Greek cooking and your appetite!

Some traditional Greek dishes can be quite heavy, but this workshop will focus on the healthier aspects of Greek cuisine. Several options are available upon request (vegetarian, vegan, etc). If you have any allergies please let us know.

At the end of the workshop comes the best part… we get to eat what you’ve prepared and taste beer, wine, and other Greek spirits. In summer time, we will have our dinner on a nice balcony, with a view of Lycabettus hill… What else could you possibly ask for?

This tour can be combined with the “Athens Food Markets” tour.


Rebetiko – Underworld Greek Folk Music Experience

Rebetiko musicians playing traditional music during a private tour in Athens

In this tour, we will introduce you to Athens of the early 1900s, when “rebetes”, the underworld musicians of the times, were ruling the city. We will walk around the areas where they used to live and hang out, and find out more about the connection between Greek and Anatolian music.

The music they played is called Rebetiko. It’s often been described as the Greek Blues due to its dark lyrics, although the music itself is very different. In 2017, this musical style was added to the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

We will also enjoy an authentic Greek meal and experience a genre of music that, after having been censored for years, is becoming popular once again. You will get the chance to meet people who play rebetiko music – and you can try to sing along with us!


Learn How To Play Tavli (Backgammon)

Playing tavli with a local in Athens on a private tour of the city

If you are interested in learning a game that is very typical of Greece (and not only), join us for a game (or five) of tavli!

This is a cultural experience that you are likely to remember for a while, as it will be accompanied by a Greek coffee or a frappe (or a glass of ouzo), and a conversation about what it means to be Greek today. It is also ideal for children!

Would you like to find out more about our tours? Drop us an email to

Athens Walking Tours With A Local

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