About Vanessa and Dave from Real Greek Experiences

Hi! We are Vanessa and Dave, a Greek / English couple living in Athens. In a story almost too good to be true, we met at a travel bloggers’ conference in Athens in 2014. Seriously! Since then, we have spent a lot of time exploring Greece together, as well as travelling to other parts of Europe and the world.

Vanessa and Dave from Real Greek Experiences

Our future plans revolve around finding the perfect balance between work and travel. Oh, and making sense of the ever-changing travel restrictions around the world.

In the meantime, we travel as frequently as we can around Greece. Our aim is to write blog articles and books which will help you plan your trip independently.

In addition, we provide important local news and information about moving to Greece. As a couple, we both have first-hand experience of what it means to move to another country, especially if you don’t speak the language. We aim to bridge the gap!

About Vanessa

Hi! I’m Vanessa. I was born and raised in Athens, and have lived here most of my life. I’m the main author of this blog – Dave used to do some editing now and then, until we both agreed that my English is better than his 🙂

My first holiday memories as a kid include observing tourists who came on vacation to Greece. I remember looking at the tall, suntanned backpackers on every single ferry my family and I were travelling on, and wanting to be “like them” one day.

One thing is certain, I didn’t grow much taller! But I’ve been fortunate in terms of travelling, as I’ve been to many European countries, the USA, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia.

I also studied and worked in London for a few years. My field was Statistics and Social Research, and I have an ongoing interest in contemporary social issues. This also explains why many of these articles are full of numbers, facts and trivia 🙂  

Vanessa from Real Greek Experiences

In 2018, I pretty much gave up my office job to focus on travel blogging. Great timing! Seriously, who could have predicted the upcoming pandemic, and how much it would affect travel worldwide?

Still, I am optimistic that travel will eventually resume, and that more people will be able to experience Greece. In the meantime, I’ve got more time to focus on writing!

Apart from travelling and writing, I enjoy meeting people, walking, hiking, yoga, snorkelling and – much to Dave’s delight – cooking!

About Dave

Dave is from Northampton in the UK (no it’s not a typo, it’s really Northampton, not Southampton). I invited him to come and live in Athens and “see how it goes”, and he’s now been here for 7 years!

During the last 20 years, he has travelled all over the world, mainly by bicycle. Having cycled from England to South Africa, Alaska to Argentina, and Greece to England, he’s given up counting the miles!

Dave from Real Greek Experiences

As Dave is not a Real Greek, he doesn’t do much writing for Real Greek Experiences. However, he does all the background work for the blog, including all the technical stuff and most data analysis (it’s a good job I studied Statistics… oh well).

Besides that, he’s written about a million articles for his own blog, Dave’s Travel Pages. Apart from tons of information about Greece, his blog contains general travel tips, and advice for cycling tours and outdoors activities.

Besides cycling and hiking, Dave loves movies, thrash metal music and Greek food – especially cooked by Vanessa!

Vanessa and Dave – Real Greek Experiences

Real Greek Experiences combines Vanessa’s knowledge of Greek culture, and Dave’s passion for travelling abroad. We offer our own unique perspectives as a local and an expat, giving you a more complete picture of Greece.

See popular tourist destinations in Greece in a new light. Discover off-the-beaten-path locations only the locals know. Learn about the culture and traditions that are unique to each area and island, and what “Greekness” really means.

Real Greek Experiences - Santorini caldera

From what to pack, to where to go, Real Greek Experiences provides inspirational insights and practical advice to help you plan your holiday in Greece.

Take a look at the menus above, and choose which subjects interest you the most. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then contact us at realgreekexperiences@gmail.com. You can also get in touch through our Facebook page, or check our Pinterest account.

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