About Vanessa and Dave from Real Greek Experiences

Vanessa and Dave are a Greek / English couple, currently living in Athens. In a story almost too good to be true, they met at a travel bloggers’ conference in Athens in 2014. Seriously! Since then, they have spent a lot of time exploring Greece together, as well as travelling to other parts of Europe.

Vanessa and Dave from Real Greek Experiences

Photo taken by Callie!

Their future plans revolve around finding the perfect balance between work and travel.

About Vanessa

Vanessa was born and raised in Athens. One of her first holiday memories as a child, is observing tourists and wanting to be “like them” one day. She lived in London for several years, and has travelled to many European countries, the USA, Latin America and the Middle East. Having studied Statistics and Social Research, she has an ongoing interest in contemporary social issues.

Vanessa from Real Greek Experiences

Vanessa enjoys walking, food, music, art, languages, and exchanging opinions with others. Her hobbies include yoga, snorkelling and – much to Dave’s delight – cooking!

About Dave

Dave is from Northampton in the UK, and now lives in Athens. He has travelled all over the world during the last 20 years, mainly by bicycle. Having cycled from England to South Africa, Alaska to Argentina, and Greece to England, he’s given up counting the miles!

Dave from Real Greek Experiences

When not writing articles for Real Greek Experiences, he blogs over at www.davestravelpages.com, is a freelance writer, social media manager and internet marketer. He loves Greek beaches, Greek weather and Greek food – especially cooked by Vanessa!

Vanessa and Dave – Real Greek Experiences

Real Greek Experiences combines Vanessa’s knowledge of Greek culture, and Dave’s passion for travel. Vanessa and Dave offer their own unique perspectives as a local and an expat, giving you a fuller picture of Greece.

See popular tourist destinations in Greece in a new light. Discover off-the-beaten-path locations only the locals know. Learn about the culture and traditions that are unique to each area and island, and what ‘Greekness’ really means.

Real Greek Experiences - Santorini caldera

From what to pack, to where to go, Real Greek Experiences provides inspirational insights and practical advice to help you plan your holiday in Greece.

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