Covid restrictions in Greece – Masks no longer mandatory from 1st June

On 1st May 2022, most of the Covid restrictions in Greece were lifted. Here’s all you need to know if you are visiting Greece in summer 2022.

Travelling to Greece has now gone back to normal!

As of 1 May 2022, people travelling to Greece are no longer required to show a valid vaccination / recovery passport or negative PCR / rapid antigen test.

Travel is back to what it used to be!! The only exception is that, for the time being, masks remain mandatory in airplanes, international ferries etc. This will change on 1st June – more on this below. 

Most Covid restrictions in Greece have ended on 1st May 2022

As you probably know, Greece has followed certain Covid restrictions throughout the first months of 2022.

Certain venues were only accepting customers with a vaccination / recovery certificate. Others were also accepting customers with a rapid antigen / PCR test. 

All this is has now changed! Here is a summary of the most important changes for when you are in Greece. 

Note that the measures will be re-evaluated at the end of August.

Changes for Covid restrictions in Greece – No documents required

Between 1 May and 31 August, everyone can enter all indoor and outdoor venues without the need to present any documents. This means that showing your vaccination / recovery passport or test is no longer necessary. 

For example, life returns to normal when it comes to restaurants / bars / nightclubs. If you are visiting Greece from abroad, this may already be the case in your country, but it’s a big deal for us after having the measures in place for so long!

The same applies for internal flights and domestic ferry travel – though wearing a mask is still required when travelling. For more ferry information, have a look at Ferryscanner.

All venues will now operate at full (100%) capacity. This includes restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, ferries, trains, gyms etc.

From May the 1st,  students will no longer need to take self-tests to go to school. Also, unvaccinated employees will only need to take one test per week, rather than two.

Mask wearing in Greece Summer 2022

Until the 31st of May, wearing a mask remains mandatory in indoor venues in Greece. This includes shops, supermarkets, museums, and all methods of transportation such as ferries, planes or the Athens metro. 

Masks remain mandatory in private cars, unless the passengers belong to the same family (1st and 2nd degree relatives) or live in the same household. (In practice, is is very unlikely that visitors who are renting a car will ever be checked for this…)

From June the 1st until September the 15th, masks will no longer be mandatory for most indoor venues . This includes supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bars, airplanes, trains and long-distance (KTEL) buses.

Masks will remain mandatory for all urban transport, including the Athens metro, buses, trolleys, suburban railway and tram. They will also remain mandatory in hospitals, old people’s homes and similar facilities.

There has been no decision yet for ferries and schools.

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Vanessa from Real Greek Experiences


Hi! I’m Vanessa from Athens and I’m here to help you make sense of the ever-changing Covid restrictions in Greece! The information above has been taken from the official Gazette no 2369B/14.5.2022. Follow my FB page for more Greece-related info! 

18 thoughts on “Covid restrictions in Greece – Masks no longer mandatory from 1st June”

  1. When will this information be on government site ,as looking to book holiday for june but worried the changes will not go ahead .

    • Hi – they won’t print / publish anything for a while, but today’s announcement was as official as can be. As far as I know there is no official government site in English summarizing the measures within Greece, which is why I’m writing these articles! I couldn’t see how they could backtrack considering the tourist season is literally around the corner. Of course, as always, keep your eye on the news!

    • Hi Donna, no, they won’t need to. When are you planning to visit? After the 1st May most restrictions will be lifted – just bring a few masks with you.

  2. Hi there, sorry I have cognitive problems and just wanted to ask please my family and I are travelling on june 27th from the UK. Myself my husband and two children are all unvaccinated. Do we just need to test to travel? Do we need to test again over there for the hotel or going to the airport returning home? Thank you so much for these updates. Your page and information is amazing!! God bless

    • Hi! For the time being, you will all still need a test to enter Greece, but you won’t need to do anything else while in Greece. In terms of going back to the UK, you will need to follow any UK government announcements at the time. Enjoy your time!!

    • From what I read, they will be “temporarily” suspending the supposedly temporary-turned-permanent entry restrictions on May 2. That means no need for tests nor proof of being “fully vaccinated” just like pre-2020 travel.
      It’s reported in many mainstream outlets, but here’s one:

      I wonder why this page hasn’t been updated with this information yet.

      • Thanks for your comment! I always wait for the latest official Gazettes to be published before I make any updates to the articles. And yes, travel has almost gone back to normal as of today – with the exception of mask wearing. If you are planning to visit Greece, enjoy your time!

  3. What about cruising. We will be flying from the US to Rome to get on a 10 day cruise. Will we still need to be tested before we fly? Just trying to get all the details before we come. Thank You. DEB

    • While Greece no longer requires testing to travel here, your cruise company might have additional restrictions, so make sure you check with them. Have a fabulous time!

  4. Hi Vanessa,
    I’m travelling to Greece Sunday with my husband and daughter. I have a mask exemption and was wondering how tightly this is policed over there, specifically at airports (we are flying into Preveza Lefkas).
    I’m having trouble getting a letter from my Doctor for my exemption so worrying about the trip. We are going to a resort in Paleros.
    Any help would be appreciated. We were hoping all mask rules would be dropped by now. Thanks.

    • In my experience, the smaller the place, the less it is policed. You will see many people without any masks, and many others wearing “chin masks”. While I am not sure how things will be during your actual flight, I am sure that you will be fine when you get here. Enjoy your time, Lefkada has some fantastic beaches!

  5. Hi. What is the situation regarding the wearing of masks/types of masks required in taxis up to 31 May and from 1 June?

    • Until 31 May, they need to be worn. They have not specified yet what happens for taxis from 1 June onwards, I will update this article when they do (which should be on the weekend 28-29 May).


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