How To Get Around Rhodes – Bus, Car, Taxi, Tours, Cruises And More

How to get around Rhodes island in Greece by bus, car, taxi, tour, cruise or on foot. Includes all the information you need to have a safe and fun vacation in Rhodes!

Rhodes island in Greece

Rhodes is one of the most famous Greek islands – and it’s big! This guide on how to get around Rhodes will help you decide the best way to experience this popular destination.

Rhodes island Greece map

Just to put things into perspective, Rhodes is the fourth biggest island in Greece, and the largest in the Dodecanese islands group. It covers an area of 1,401 square kms / 541 sq miles, and its coastline measures about 220 km / 137 miles!

As the distances from north to south and from east to west are quite long, you’ll need to pre-plan your itineraries to make the most of your time. 

How to visit Rhodes Greece

Rhodes is a destination that will appeal to most people. It’s best known for its fantastic Old Town and impressive ancient Acropolis of Lindos.

Grand Master's Palace in Rhodes Old Town

However, there is so much more to do on this beautiful island. You can explore the wonderful beaches, discover lesser visited historical sites, and explore the more faraway villages.

Deciding what you want to see is very important before choosing how to get around. While the main sights are easily accessible on foot or by bus, you will need some other form of transportation to see the more remote areas.

How to see Rhodes Greece

Once you have decided what you want to do in Rhodes, here are the main ways to see the island:

  • Explore Rhodes Old Town on foot
  • Take the hop-on hop-off bus around Rhodes Old Town
  • Use public buses to get around the island
  • Rent a car, scooter or ATV for more flexibility and to visit the more remote areas
  • Take an organized bus tour through Viator or GetYourGuide to see the most popular landmarks
  • Choose one of the numerous sailing tours on Viator or Get Your Guide and explore the lovely beaches
  • Use a taxi service

Let’s explore further the best ways to get around when visiting Rhodes!

1. Explore Rhodes Town on foot

Rhodes Town, located on the north coast of the island, is a fascinating place to explore on foot. With beautiful architecture, excellent restaurants and shops, and lots of historical sites and museums, there is so much to see here!

Walking is the best way to explore Rhodes Town

Some of the best places to visit in Rhodes Town include the following:

  • The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes
  • The Archaeological Museum
  • Our Lady of the Castle, a large church just next to the museum
  • Mandraki Harbor, with the famous windmills and St Nicholas fortress, and the whole Mantraki area
  • The Acropolis and impressive ancient stadium on Monte Smith Hill
  • The Modern Greek Art Museum of Rhodes city.

In just three days in the town, we walked just over 30 kms (18.6 miles) around the narrow streets! Strolling along the castle moat was one of my favourite things to do in Rhodes Town. I’m still trying to get my head around how unbelievably big it is!

The castle moat in Rhodes

You will need GOOD walking shoes with cushioning, as the cobbled streets can make your feet hurt otherwise. Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock – even on an overcast day, the sun is still very strong.

2. Take the hop-on hop-off bus around Rhodes Old Town

Another option are the hop-on hop-off buses going around Rhodes Town. These are ideal for people who prefer not to walk too much, and for visitors who are pushed for time.

This is a fun, relaxed way to see the main landmarks around the city center. Moreover, you can listen to the audio commentary and find out more about the island’s history.

Tip: If you are visiting Rhodes on a summer holiday, take the hop-on hop-off buses during the hottest hours of the day, and benefit from the air-condition!

3. Use public transportation to get around Rhodes island

The public buses are a relatively straightforward and inexpensive way to get around Rhodes. Ticket prices vary from about 1 to 7 euro, depending on the route. As an example, the bus fare from the Old Town to Lindos costs 5.50 euro one way.

There are two bus companies in Rhodes, each serving different parts of the island. 

Public transport Rhodes – RODA buses

The first bus company is called RODA, and their buses are painted blue and white. The central bus station in Rhodes Town is located on Averoff Street.

Apart from Rhodes Town urban area, RODA buses serve the north / west coast of the island. They cover popular resorts like Ixia and Ialysos, and go all the way south to Monolithos. They also provide a service to Faliraki beach.

To use these buses, you will need to purchase a ticket before boarding at the designated sales points, and validate it on the bus.

You can check their routes and timetables here: RODA Rhodes.

Public transport Rhodes – KTEL buses 

The other bus company is called KTEL, and their buses are painted orange and white. The central KTEL bus station in Rhodes is also located on Averoff Street, across the street from the RODA bus station. 

KTEL buses connect Rhodes Old Town with the towns and villages on the east coast, like Faliraki, Afandou, Lindos and Gennadi, and go all the way to Prasonisi on the south.

Conveniently, bus stops are numbered, so it’s easy to know where to get off! You will always find a timetable on each bus stop – for example, the Faliraki to Lindos bus timetable will be posted at the bus stop at Faliraki.

A bus stop - You can go around Rhodes on public buses

If you are taking the bus from the Old Town, you can get your ticket at the special kiosk. Alternatively, you can buy your ticket on the bus. Try to have exact change if possible.

Here are their routes and timetables: KTEL Rhodes.

Buses in Rhodes can get crowded

The main downside with buses is that it can take you a long time to travel between places. In addition, popular routes, like the Rhodes Town – Lindos route, are always busy, so you may end up in a very crowded bus.

Get around Rhodes on public buses

Moreover, not all places are connected on direct bus routes. Depending on where you are staying and where you want to go, this could increase your Rhodes travel time significantly.

For example, if you wanted to go from Ialyssos to Faliraki by bus, you’d have to use two RODA services:

  • Bus Ialyssos to Rhodes town
  • Rhodes Town to Faliraki. 

Similarly, if you are staying in one of the hotels in Ixia or Ialysos and want to get to Lindos, you’d have to use two services:

  • RODA bus to Rhodes Town
  • Onward KTEL bus to Lindos. 

In cases like that, you might want to consider other means of transportation.

4. Hire a rental car, scooter or ATV in Rhodes

If you are happy to drive in Greece, one of the best ways to explore Rhodes is by rental car, ATV or scooter. Besides the Old Town, where cars are prohibited, the rest of the island is easily accessible by vehicle.

A rental car in Rhodes Greece

While a car hire is not necessarily the cheapest option to get around Rhodes, it will offer you much more freedom than the public buses. A car is ideal if you want to visit the more remote villages or beautiful beaches away from the crowds.

Apart from a car, you could also consider renting an ATV / quads or scooter. These don’t seem to be as popular as in the Cyclades, probably because the distances in Rhodes are much longer. If you rent any of those, make sure to use plenty of sunblock on your arms and legs.

Where to rent a car, ATV or scooter in Rhodes

DiscoverCars is a great platform where you can compare car models offered by several rental car companies. It’s easy to book your rental car in advance of your trip, and their prices are very competitive. 

In addition, there are literally dozens of car rentals everywhere on the island, including Rhodes international airport. Still, as Rhodes is a very popular destination, advance booking is recommended. 

A rental car in Rhodes

The price of a car rental depends on the season, the type of vehicle, and the number of days you want it for. Generally speaking, July and August are more expensive, though you will typically get discounts if you book the vehicle for several days.

You can check rental vehicles here: DiscoverCars.

Tips on driving in Rhodes

The roads in Rhodes are mostly paved, and they are generally in good condition. If you’ve driven on some other Greek islands, like Milos, you’ll be totally fine – dirt roads seem to be an exception in Rhodes!

Renting a car in Rhodes Greece

Parking can be an issue in the most popular places like Lindos, or around the Old Town. In these cases, it’s best to leave your car a little further out, as you might get stuck in traffic otherwise. Also, note that the historic centre of Rhodes town is fully pedestrianized.

Make sure your licence covers you to drive in Greece, and consider getting travel insurance in advance of your trip. Here is some more information and tips about driving in Greece.

5. Take one of the organized excursions in Rhodes

A relaxed and hassle-free way to see some of the popular landmarks in Rhodes is to take an organized bus tour. Many people choose to stay in the Old Town, and take a couple of day trips to see some more of the island.

Lindos in Rhodes Greece

Here are some of the most popular and highly rated tours in Rhodes:

6. Take a sailing trip or cruise around the island of Rhodes

With its impressive coastline, Rhodes is an amazing place to explore by sea! There are numerous tours and cruises, where you can see different parts of the coast. 

While many boat trips are available last minute, here are a few of the cruises that you can pre-book before you get to the island:

7. Take a taxi in Rhodes

Another option is to take a taxi. Taxis in Rhodes operate at fixed prices. You can easily find a pricelist at any taxi stop on the island, or online.

Get around Rhodes by taxi

Generally speaking, a taxi is not the cheapest way to get around Rhodes. As an example, a one-way taxi from the Old Town to Lindos costs 62 euro, and there are extra charges for taxis booked through a call.

That said, taxi drivers will charge the same amount for 1-4 passengers. If you are travelling on your own, you can try to take a group shared taxi with other travelers, and reduce the transportation costs.

There are also numerous transfers you can choose from, such as this Rhodes transfer.

Note that, at time of writing, there is no Uber in Rhodos. 

The central taxi station in Rhodes Town is located at Mandraki: Taxi rank Rhodes Old Town. There are many others in the town, for example close to the statue of Diagoras, close to Kolona harbor, right on Saint Nicholas square, outside Rodini Park, and close to Analipsi church. 

How to get to Rhodes island Greece

Rhodes has an international airport, Diagoras. In spring, summer and autumn, there are dozens of direct flights from many airports in Europe. During the low season, you can get a quick flight from Athens.

A beautiful sandy beach in Rhodes Greece

If you book in advance, you can easily find cheap flights from many countries, especially if you want to travel outside the peak season.

Moreover, Rhodes is directly connected with the port of Piraeus in Athens, and most of the Dodecanese islands on various ferry routes.

If you are planning an island hopping trip, you can arrive in Rhodes, visit a few more islands, and fly home from another Greek island with an airport, like Kos. You can check ferry routes and book your tickets on Ferryscanner

Here is more information about how to get to Rhodes.

Getting to Rhodes Old Town from Diagoras airport

Rhodes Airport Diagoras is located on the north / west coast of the island. It’s about 16 kms / 10 miles out of Rhodes Old Town. There are four ways to get from the airport to Rhodes Old Town: public bus, taxi, pre-booked transfer, and rental car.

Tickets for the public bus cost 2.50 euro (3 euro if you have luggage), and you can find bus timetables here. A taxi or pre-booked transfer costs about 25-30 euro, or more if you are arriving after midnight.

If you are thinking to rent a car from the airport, note that vehicles are not allowed in the historic centre of Rhodes. 

FAQs about getting around Rhodes

Here are some of the questions people visiting Rhodes often ask:

Is there public transportation in Rhodes?

Yes, there are two bus companies in Rhodes. One of them, which is orange and white, runs along the east coast, including Faliraki and Lindos. The other one, which is blue and white, covers the west side, including Ixia and Ialysos.

Do you need a car on Rhodes?

The main towns and villages in Rhodes are well connected by public transportation. However, if you want to explore the island on your own schedule, a car rental is the best way.

How long does it take to get from one side of Rhodes to the other?

It will take you about 1.5 hours to get from the Old Town, on the north, to Prasonisi beach, on the south. The distance is 92 kms / 57.2 miles.

Does Uber operate in Rhodes?

No, Uber does not operate in Rhodes. However, taxis have set prices.

How do I get from Rhodes airport to city Centre?

You can get from Rhodes airport to the Town by bus, taxi, or pre-booked transfer.

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Vanessa from Real Greek ExperiencesHi! I’m Vanessa from Athens. I’m on a mission to visit all the Greek islands and help visitors plan their vacation independently! Rhodes is a great place for history, beaches, nature, activities and exploration. If you have any questions, ask them down below in the comments, and I’ll get back to you. Follow me on FB and Instagram for more great tips and photos of Greece!

How to get around Rhodes in Greece


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