How To Get To Rhodes In Greece – Flights, Ferries And More

How to get to Rhodes island by ferry or flight. Includes everything you need to know to visit Rhodes island in Greece.

Getting to Rhodes island in Greece

The island of Rhodes is a popular destination in Greece. Located in the Dodecanese group of islands in the Aegean Sea, it is known for its incredible medieval city and amazing beaches.

The Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes Greece

There are two main ways to get to Rhodes island: by flight, or ferry. There are daily flights from several airports in Europe, and domestic flights from the Athens International airport.

Moreover, frequent ferry routes connect Rhodes with other islands and Piraeus port in Athens.

Here is how to reach Rhodes island in Greece.

Direct flights to Rhodes from European airports

During spring, summer and autumn, there are multiple flights to Rhodes from airports in many cities in Europe. This is often the cheapest way to travel to Rhodes from abroad, and is most people’s primary mode of travel.

On most years, you can fly directly to Rhodes from places like Milan, Vienna, Prague, London, Manchester, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels etc. 

Finding cheap flights to Rhodes

The best way to find cheap flights to Rhodes is to use a flight search engine, like Skyscanner.

You can use the flexible date calendars to compare prices and find the cheapest flights available. If you set up a price alert you will be notified when the prices change, so you can book your trip at the best time.

Ryanair flies to Rhodes Greece

You can also check airline websites directly, as they sometimes have special deals and offers. As an example, Ryanair often has flights to Rhodes from about 15-20 euro one way. Other budget companies flying to Rhodes include EasyJet and Jet2.

As a rule, last-minute prices can be very high. It’s best to book your flights to Rhodes as early as possible to get good prices. Before you book your tickets, have a look at the best time to visit the Greek islands.

Rhodes flights from Athens

Apart from direct international flights, there are also domestic flights to Rhodes from the Athens International airport. These flights also operate during the off-season.

Athens International Airport

If you are visiting Rhodes from a country where there are no direct regular flights, your best bet often is to fly into Athens, and then take a quick onward flight.

Air carriers flying from Athens to Rhodes

The main domestic carriers flying Athens to Rhodes are Aegean Airlines / Olympic Air, and Sky Express.

The flight takes about an hour, and there are different types of fares, so you can choose the one that works best for you. The cost of a round trip flight generally starts at about 90-100 euro. Again, last minute flights tend to be very expensive.

Domestic flights from Athens to Rhodes

Note that the cheapest fare with Aegean / Olympic Airlines only includes one piece of hand luggage and no personal item. The airport attendants can often can be strict about it, so make sure that your luggage complies with their rules.

Tip: If you are coming from outside Europe, allow at least two hours between your international flight and your onward flight to Rhodes, especially if you are travelling during the peak season. Also, make sure your travel insurance covers you if your first flight is delayed.

Rhodes flights from other cities in Greece

In summer, there are often direct flights to Rhodes from a few other Greek airports.

Apart from Athens, the airport in Rhodes typically receives domestic flights from Thessaloniki, Kos, Karpathos, and Heraklion in Crete.

How to get from Rhodes Airport to Rhodes town

The airport in Rhodes is located on the island’s northern coast, about 17 kms out of the Old Town.

There are four ways to get from the airport to Rhodes town: bus, taxi, pre-booked transfer and rental car.

You can check out bus routes and fares on the official website. Taxis are usually available right outside the airport, but there will often be a queue. Alternatively, you can pre-book a transfer.

A rental car in Rhodes Greece

If you’ve booked a car rental from the airport, note that cars are not allowed inside the Old Town. You’ll need to park it outside the castle walls.

In fact, if you are staying in Rhodes Town, you will find that a car is not necessary. You can either walk everywhere, or take the hop-on hop-off bus if you are tired! 

Ferries from Piraeus to Rhodes

Those who prefer traveling by ferry can use the extensive Greek ferry network to travel to Rhodes.

There are daily ferries from Piraeus to the popular Greek island. Most of these ferries are run by Blue Star Ferries, and are large and comfortable to travel on. Ticket prices start at about 65 euro, one way.

As most ferries to Rhodes travel overnight, many people prefer to get a cabin. However, others choose to spend their time in the common areas.

Inside Blue Star Patmos

The only drawback with these ferries is that they take 15-18 hours to reach Rhodes, so they are not ideal if you have limited time.

You can check all ferry routes and book your tickets on a search engine called Ferryscanner

Ferries to Rhodes from other Greek islands

Rhodes is also connected with many of the Dodecanese islands on various ferry routes. In fact, Rhodes is the perfect base to explore some of these beautiful Greek isles.

The closest Greek islands to Rhodes are Symi, Chalki, Tilos, Nisyros, Kos and Kastellorizo.

Blue Star Ferries travel to most of these islands. There are also a few local ferry companies operating in the area, like SAOS and Dodekanisos Seaways.

A ferry to Rhodes Greece

Some ferry routes connect Rhodes with islands in other island groups. For example, there are a few direct ferries per week to islands like Santorini, Syros and Crete.

To check out all direct and indirect ferry routes and book your ferry tickets, you can use Ferryscanner. Note that some of the local companies don’t release their summer ferry schedules until late spring.

Best things to do when you visit Rhodes

And now that you know how to get to Rhodes, here are a few of the best things to do on the popular island:

  • Explore the magnificent Rhodes Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit the superb Palace of the Grand Master
  • Learn more about the history of Rhodes in the Archaeological Museum
  • Stroll around the picturesque Mandraki Harbor
  • Relax on some of the beautiful beaches on the island’s east coast, like Anthony Quinn Bay or Tsambika beach
  • Explore the ancient ruins at the Acropolis of Lindos and Kameiros 
  • Drive around the island’s villages and dozens of monasteries
  • Take a day trip to Symi island – there are plenty of daily boats available.

Getting to Rhodes island in Greece

FAQ – How to get to Rhodes

Here are a few questions people visiting Rhodes often ask:

How do you get to Rhodes Town Greece?

To get to Rhodes Town, you can get a direct international flight, a domestic flight from Athens, or a ferry from Piraeus, the main port in Athens.

How long is ferry from Athens to Rhodes?

The ferry journey from Athens to Rhodes takes anything between 15 and 18 hours.

How long does it take to fly to Rhodes in Greece?

The flight from the Athens International Airport to Rhodes takes about an hour.

How long is a flight from UK to Rhodes?

Flights from the UK to Rhodes island in Greece take about 4 – 4.5 hours.

How do you get from Athens to Rhodes?

You can get from Athens to Rhodes either on a quick domestic flight, or an overnight ferry trip.

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How to get to Rhodes Greece


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