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Some of the best Rhodes beaches in Greece include Anthony Quinn Bay, St Paul’s Bay Lindos, Kallithea, Faliraki and Tsambika. But there are many more! This article will help you decide which beaches to visit on Rhodes island in Greece.

The best Rhodes beaches for your Greek vacation

Rhodes island in Greece is well known for its spectacular beaches. In 2023, 57 of them received the prestigious Blue Flag Award!

From long, sandy beaches, to small, rocky coves, Rhodes Greece has something to suit all tastes.

Best beaches on Rhodes Greece
The best sandy beaches in Rhodes are on the island’s east coast. With a few exceptions, they offer good facilities, such as sun loungers, umbrellas, and canteens / beach bars / tavernas.

The majority of the beaches in Rhodes can be accessed by public transportation. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or rental car. There are also some fun, relaxing day cruises around Rhodes where you can explore a few beaches on the same day.

Choosing which beach to go to in Rhodes Greece can be overwhelming. I’ve driven all around the large island, and have seen most of its beautiful beaches! Here is what I thought.

1. Anthony Quinn Bay: Best beach on Rhodes Greece for natural beauty

Anthony Quinn beach is one of the most iconic and popular beaches in Rhodes. It took its name from the famous actor Anthony Quinn, who fell in love with it and wanted to buy it from the Greek government.

The two parties never came to an agreement. Yet, the small, narrow beach is still known as Anthony Quinn Bay. The setting is lovely – the pristine bay is surrounded by wild rocky hills covered with pine trees.

Anthony Quinn Bay in Rhodes
There is a bar and a few loungers and umbrellas. As the beach can get crowded, visit early in the day if you can. Don’t forget your snorkelling gear!

The lovely bay is 18 kms south of the city of Rhodes. Here is some more information: Anthony Quinn Bay.

Tip: If Anthony Quinn is too busy, you can always go to Ladiko beach, one of the sandy coves nearby.

2. Elli: Best beach Rhodes Town

Elli beach is the main beach in Rhodes Old Town, walking distance from the medieval castle. It’s the easiest option if you are staying in Rhodes town centre and want to go for a swim.

The jumping platform at Elli beach Rhodes
You will find all amenities, including umbrellas, sun loungers and a few beach bars. There is even a man-made platform from where you can jump in the sea!

3. Faliraki: Best sandy beach close to Rhodes town

Faliraki beach has a reputation for wild nightlife and staggering tourists. Although this was definitely the case in the past, things are slightly different these days.

Faliraki beach Rhodes Greece
Here, you will find a long sandy beach with plenty of water sports, including scuba diving. There are also several laid-back tavernas, tourist shops, beach bars, and a few hotels.

Faliraki is about 15 kms south of the Old Town, and public transportation is very frequent.

4. Kallithea: Best for hot medicinal springs

Kallithea beach is located next to Kallithea Springs, a popular landmark in Rhodes island. People come here not only to benefit from the water’s medicinal properties, but also to admire the iconic Italian architecture and to swim in the crystal clear waters.

The iconic Kallithea springs in Rhodes
There is an elegant restaurant / bar, as well as sun beds where you can relax all day.

Kallithea beach is about 9 kms south of Rhodes Old Town. In high season, there’s a small entrance fee. You can also get to the beach on a cruise!

5. St Paul’s Bay: Best iconic beach close to Lindos

Anyone staying at the cosmopolitan resort of Lindos village has two nearby beach choices: St Paul’s Bay and Lindos beach.

Saint Paul’s bay is located below the ancient site of Lindos. It’s a small, picturesque bay with lovely emerald water. There is a selection of loungers and umbrellas, but the beach gets popular, so it’s best to come early if you want to find some space.

St Paul's beach Rhodes
Lindos beach is a longer stretch of sand, located on the opposite side of the ancient site. It’s more low key, and you will also find a few tavernas and cafes where you can relax after exploring the Acropolis of Lindos.

These popular beaches are located about 49 kms south of Rhodes Town.

6. Tsambika: Best beach in Rhodes for relaxed beach bars

Tsambika beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Rhodes island. Its incredible golden sands and lovely shallow waters make it ideal for people of all ages, including families.

Tsambika beach in Rhodes
In high season, the beach is mostly occupied by beach bars and various umbrellas and loungers. There are also plenty of water sports to choose from.

Tsambika beach is located 29 kms south of Rhodes Town. On your way there, don’t forget to visit the famous Tsambika monastery.

7. Glystra: Best beach for families

Glystra beach is one of the best beaches in Rhodes for families. The protected sandy cove has warm, shallow waters where children can spend all day safely.

Glystra beach in Rhodes Greece
You will also find loungers, umbrellas, good water sports and a canteen. You can also bring your own snacks and water.

As it’s 55 kms south of Rhodes Town, Glystra is not as popular with visitors as other beaches in Rhodes – but many locals seem to prefer it.

8. Agathi: One of the best beaches in Rhodes to relax

Agathi was one of my favourite beaches in Rhodes. This lovely sandy beach is also known as “Chryssi Ammos”, which translates to “Golden Sand”.

Agathi beach Rhodes Greece
There are some canteens and facilities, however the beautiful beach is relatively quiet and a great place to relax. The water is very clear, and the bay is ideal for snorkelling.

Agathi beach is located about 40 kms south of Rhodes city. On your way back, stop at Feraklos castle and the nearby Haraki beach to take a few photos.

9. Agios Georgios: Best wild beach in Rhodes

Agios Georgios is one of the best sandy beaches in Rhodes. You will find picturesque sand dunes with incredibly soft sand, and a few bushes and trees. There are no amenities, so you’ll have to bring everything you’ll need for the day.

Agios Georgios beach Rhodes
This amazing beach is located 79 kms south of Rhodes Town. You can reach it in your own vehicle, but note that you’ll have to drive on dirt roads for about 3 kms.

10. Prasonisi: Best beach for kite surfing

Prasonisi is the most remote beach on Rhodes island. It takes its name after a tiny island which is located south of Rhodes. When the tide is low, it may be possible to walk to the little island!

Due to its unique shape, Prasonisi is famous around the world as a kitesurfing and windsurfing paradise. Even if you are not into these sports, it’s worth coming here to check out the incredible, wild landscape.

Prasonisi Rhodes kitesurfing beach
Depending on the winds, it might be possible to swim in the shallow water. Or if you are driving here, you can check a few other beaches on the way back.

Prasonisi beach is about 90 kms south of Rhodes Town. Apart from the windsurfing and kitesurfing schools, you will find a few tavernas, cafes, and rooms to let.

11. Traounou: Great beach for snorkelling

Traounou, also known as Traganou, is a natural, quiet beach with large pebbles.

The water in Traounou beach is crystal clear, which makes it an interesting place to snorkel. There’s also a large cave, providing some much needed shade, on the far left side.

Traounou beach Rhodes
Traounou beach is about 16 kms south of Rhodes Town. You can easily reach it by road, but we went there on a fabulous kayak trip with a local company, Trekking Hellas Rhodes. Check it out – it was a unique way to experience the coast!

12. Afandou: The longest beach in Rhodes

Afandou (or Afantou) is the longest beach in Rhodes. It’s a long stretch of sand and pebbles, that goes on for several kilometres.

Afandou beach in Rhodes Greece
You can find a few umbrellas and sunbeds on some parts of Afandou beach. On the whole, it’s a low key beach, with several quiet, natural spots and a beach bar now and then.

Afandou is located just south of Traounou beach, about 18 kms from the Old Town.

13. Pefki: Best for relaxed days and nights

Pefki is a beautiful sandy beach next to a low-key coastal resort with the same name. The fine sand, crystal clear water and abundance of facilities make Pefki beach a popular choice for visitors staying in the wider area.

Pefki beach Rhodes island Greece
Pefki is located 52 kms south of Rhodes town. If you visit, it is worth having a sunset drink or meal at Philosophia Beach restaurant

14. Stegna: Best beach for traditional tavernas

Stegna is a long, sandy beach next to a quiet coastal village. This resort is ideal for families, as the waters are shallow, and there are plenty of traditional tavernas right next to the beach. We had some delicious Greek food at Taverna Maria.

Stegna beach Rhodes
Stegna beach is located 32 kms south of Rhodes Town. If the nearby Tsambika is too busy, this is a great alternative.

15. Fourni: Best beach on Rhodes for seclusion

If you are looking to explore Rhodes, head to Fourni, which is one of the most secluded beaches on the popular Greek island.

Here, you won’t find golden sand, sun loungers or canteens. The beach is natural, with small pebbles, and it’s ideal for relaxing. Just bring anything you want for the day, including lots of water and some shade.

Fourni beach Rhodes Greece
You can also hike to the next bay, over the limestone cliffs, or just swim around the cape.

Fourni is located 85 kms south of Rhodes Town. You can combine it with a lunch stop at the Old Monolithos taverna – the owner is quite a character. Also, make sure you visit Monolithos castle, and climb up for some beautiful views of the Aegean Sea.

16. Kalathos: Best beach to find your own spot

Kalathos is a long stretch of sand and small pebbles, a few minutes north of Lindos town. Even though it’s a popular beach, it’s so long that you can easily find your own spot anytime of the year!

Kalathos beach Rhodes Greece
Kalathos is located 42 kms south of Rhodes Town. Bring your own shade, water and snacks, and stay for the day.

17. Mantomata: Best beach in Rhodes for naturists

If you are looking to spend time in nature and forget about any tan lines, then it doesn’t get better than Mantomata. It’s a beautiful sandy beach, with some facilities and a totally relaxed vibe.

Mantomata nudist beach Rhodes
Mantomata is located 15 kms south of the Old Town, between Faliraki and Anthony Quinn Bay. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

18. Ixia / Ialysos: Best Rhodes beaches for luxury hotels

On the north / west coast of Rhodes, you will find Ixia beach and Ialysos beach. Both of these beaches are a mix of pebbles,gravel and sand, so they are not very special.

Ixia beach Rhodes
Yet, this would be the area in Rhodes to head to if you want to stay in a luxury hotel with a pool. In addition, Ixia Rhodes is a popular choice with windsurfers who don’t want to travel all the way to Prasonisi.

How to get to the beaches in Rhodes

As mentioned earlier, most of the beaches in Rhodes can be accessed by public transportation. However, if you want to get to the most remote ones, you will need to have your own wheels.

Ialysos beach Rhodes Greece
This article explains how to get around Rhodes in detail.

How to get to Rhodes island in Greece

Rhodes island has an international airport. During summer, there are flights from several cities in Europe, including Athens. You can also get to Rhodes, or any of the Greek islands, by ferry. Click here to check ferry routes and book your tickets!

This article has more information about flights and ferries to Rhodes: How to get to Rhodes 

FAQ about Rhodes beaches

Here are a few questions people ask about beaches in Rhodes:

Which part of Rhodes has the best beaches?

The best beaches on Rhodes, like Anthony Quinn’s Bay, Tsambika, Faliraki, Agathi and St Paul’s Bay, are located on the east coast.

Is there any sandy beaches in Rhodes?

Rhodes has many sandy beaches. Some of the best ones include Tsambika, Agathi, Faliraki, Pefki and Stegna.

Can you swim in the sea in Rhodes?

Yes, swimming in the sea in Rhodes is lovely! Many of the beaches have shallow, calm waters, that are ideal for families.

Is Faliraki worth visiting?

Faliraki has a reputation of a party place for young, drunken crowds. This was the case in the past, but not anymore – these days, a mix of people visit Faliraki. It’s not a bad place to stay if you want to be by the coast in Rhodes, while being close to Rhodes Old Town.

Is the beach at Ixia sandy?

No, the beach at Ixia is a mix of pebbles, gravel and sand. It’s good for windsurfing, but if you are looking to swim, it’s best to visit any of the beaches on the east coast of the island.

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Best beaches in Rhodes Greece

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