Beaches In Patmos – A Complete Guide To Over 25 Patmos Beaches!

I fell in love with the beaches in Patmos island Greece! Here is a complete guide to the best beaches in Patmos.

Patmos island has some fantastic beaches

When it comes to beaches, Patmos is probably not the first Greek island you’d think of. Yet, the small island in the Dodecanese has an abundance of truly amazing beaches! 

While there are a few organized beaches with sun beds and umbrellas, most beaches and smaller coves in Patmos are natural and wild. Many of them have tamarisk trees, providing some much needed shade.

As you can only get to Patmos by ferry, most of the beaches are usually fairly quiet! At least this was my experience in early July. I was told that early August is busier – but that’s everywhere in Greece.

Patmos beaches travel guide

You would need several days if you wanted to explore all the beaches on Patmos island. This would also depend on how you would choose to get around.

How to get to the beaches in Patmos

You can easily walk to some of the beaches on Patmos. In addition, there is a bus service that takes you to some of the most popular beaches. If you are staying in Skala, the main port, you will see the bus stop right in front of the port.

However, if you want to explore all the Patmos beaches, you should rent a small car, ATV or scooter to get around. There are plenty of agencies in Skala where you can hire a vehicle.

Get to the beaches on Patmos island on a scooter

The distances in Patmos are small, so you can visit several beaches on the same day. Wherever you are staying in Patmos, it won’t take you over a half hour to drive to even the most remote beaches and take in the island’s natural beauty.

Not sure about driving in Greece? You can call the radio taxi on +30-22470-31225. You will see signs with their phone number on most beaches.

Here are all the best Patmos beaches that you can access by road, starting from Skala town and going anti-clockwise.

Skala Beach – Main port town beach

The narrow strip of sand right in Skala port town is a good spot for a quick swim. Apart from a few shade-providing trees, you will also find a good selection of nearby amenities, like tavernas and cafes.

The beach in Skala port town Patmos

This is the easiest beach to go to if you are staying in Skala town. The small marina nearby is a nice place for some cool photos of fishing boats.

On the left side of the beach you can see St John’s Baptistery. This is why this beach is known as Agios Theologos, though in my experience everyone refers to it as Skala Beach.

Aspri beach

Aspri beach is a small, sand / pebble beach a couple of kilometres out of Skala, offering beautiful views to Chora and the Monastery.

This is one of the best spots on the island when the meltemi winds blow, as it’s sheltered and calm. There are plenty of trees providing natural shade after 1-2 pm.

Aspri is one of the secluded beaches in Patmos

There are no facilities here apart from a fish restaurant which only opens in the evenings. Make sure you bring everything you need with you, including water and snacks.

Meloi beach

Meloi is a long beach with soft sand and shallow waters, just a couple of kilometres from Skala. Due to its orientation, it’s mostly protected from the summer winds, and is very family friendly.

Meloi beach Patmos

Here, you will find several trees offering some nice shade from the early afternoon onwards. The crystal clear blue waters make it an ideal place for snorkeling.

There is a traditional family taverna on one side, where you can have a lovely homemade meal.

Agriolivado beach – Sandy beach with cool beach bar

About 3 kms out of Skala, you will find the sandy Agriolivado beach. This is one of the few partly organised beaches on Patmos island.

On the one side, you will find a beach bar, a taverna, and water sports facilities. The other side of the beach is more relaxed, and there are plenty of tamarisk trees for shade.

A tree in Agriolivado beach Patmos

In the distance, you can see a small islet, Agia Thekla. The beach is also known as Agrio Livadi.

Kambos beach – Busy organized beach

If loungers and umbrellas are anything to go by, Kambos beach is one of the most popular spots on Patmos island. This is where you will find the most cafes, tavernas and beach bars, including “George’s Place”.

People looking for beach parties should visit here on any summer full moon night!

Kambos beach Patmos

Kambos is one of the few beaches in Greece that offers Seatrac, a system that allows people with disabilities to swim on their own. The shallow waters and water sports facilities make this an ideal beach for the whole family.

There is public transportation from Skala to Kambos a few times per day. The beach is also known as Kampos.

Vagia beach – Crystal clear water

Vagia is one of the most beautiful beaches on Patmos. It is a long, quiet beach with a few trees for shade. The crystal clear waters here are very, very cold!

Vagia - Beautiful beach in Patmos

Above the beautiful bay, there is a small cafe where you can get snacks, cold dishes or desserts. We heard good comments about their chocolate cake, but we didn’t try it – if you do, let me know what it was like!

Vagia beach is located about 6 kms from Skala. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can take the bus to Kambos, and walk for about 10 minutes.

Didimes beach

A little further down the road from Vagia, you will find two almost identical coves. They are known as Didimes, the Greek word for “twins”. People also refer to them as Liginou.

Twin beaches in Patmos

To reach these beautiful and secluded beaches, you will need to leave your vehicle and follow an easy dirt path for 15-20 minutes. Bring everything you want for the day, as the canteens are not always open.

Livadi Geranou beach

Livadi Geranou was another one of my favourite Patmos beaches. Offering many trees for shade, it is a lovely place to spend a few hours.

Geranos beach Patmos

The beach has both pebbles and sand, and the waters are very clear, which makes snorkeling an absolute delight! On a calm day, you could try swimming to Saint George island.

Livadi Geranou is rather remote, by Patmos standards, but it’s still quite popular. Go early if you want to find some free space under the trees. There is also a taverna on the one side, so you can have a meal after your swim.

This lovely beach is also known as Geranos or Pothitou.

Nekrothalassa beach

We didn’t go to Nekrothalassa beach, but it looked nice from above. If you want to go there, you will need to leave your vehicle and take a short footpath down to the beach.

I have to say though, I was rather put off by the name, which roughly translates to “Sea of the Dead”!

Patelia beach

Patelia is the last cove on the road leading north from Skala. I didn’t really think it’s great for swimming, as there are large stones. Some people might appreciate the peace and quiet!

Pebbly beach Patmos Greece

There’s an old shipyard here, and you will see the remains of a few boats.

Apollou beach

Apollou is a small, rather non-descript beach on the northeast coast of Patmos. It’s located close to the small chapel dedicated to a monk by the name of Apollou. This is not to be confused with Apollo, one of the Ancient Greek Gods!

If you are so inclined, you can reach the small beach through a dirt road and then a foot path.

Lambi beach

On the northern coast of Patmos island, you will find the well-known Lambi beach. People come here to have a look at the colourful pebbles. I read that, over the years, many visitors have been taking the pebbles as a souvenir. Please don’t, you can easily get many Greek souvenirs at the numerous shops in Patmos.

Still, there are enough beautiful pebbles here – in fact, Lambi reminded me of Kastanas, one of the best beaches in Milos.

Pebbles in Lambi beach Patmos

There are a few sunbeds and umbrellas, and also a lovely taverna with tables right on the coast. Heaven!

At almost 10 kms from Skala, Lambi is the furthest beach on the north side of the island. It is also known as Lampi beach.

Livadi Kalogiron

Livadi Kalogiron is a small, pebbly, west-facing beach on the northern part of Patmos. While the beach itself isn’t special, I really liked this rural, quiet area.

Beaches in Patmos - Livadi Kalogiron

Before you take the stairs down to the beach, stop for a coffee or meal at the small canteen, with the cool view over the bay. The owner is super friendly! This would also be a fantastic sunset spot.

If you walk to the right side of the beach, you will see a few boats. On your right hand side there’s a narrow path, leading to the nearby Kalogiron Monastery.

Lefkes beach

Lefkes is another west-facing beach in north Patmos, and a fantastic place to see the sun setting in the Aegean Sea. As the beach is exposed to the north-western winds, it’s not always suitable for swimming.

Beaches of Patmos - Lefkes

There’s a canteen here, but it was closed when we arrived. They had a sign indicating clearly that you may not be able to pay by card, as the signal here is practically non-existent.

To get to Lefkes, you will go through a lovely rural landscape with fig trees and other fruit-bearing trees. (I picked a couple and they were great!) Most of the road is paved, but the last few hundred metres are dirt road.

Beautiful house in Patmos island

I was totally surprised to see a huge mansion, only a short distance from the beach! Apparently, it belongs to a ship owner who comes here for summer. 

Merika Bay – Great sunset spot

You will find three small coves at the wider area called Merika, which is a short walk from Skala main port.

Sunset beach Patmos

While I didn’t rate any of them too highly, Merika Bay was one of my favourite sunset spots in Patmos. If you can, get there half hour before the sunset, and sit on one of the two public seats!

Hochlaka Bay – Beautiful sunset views

The Bay of Hochlaka is full of large pebbles and stones, and is not super pleasant for swimming. However, just like Merika, it is fantastic to see the sunset from.

A beach in Patmos island

You can easily reach it by foot (or vehicle) from Skala town.

Alikes beach

The name Alikes (or Alykes) means “salt lakes” in Greek. In fact, this area used to be home to the salt lakes of the Patmos Monastery.

Psili Ammos beach – Amazing sandy beach

Psili Ammos was my top favourite beach on Patmos, with no comparison! It’s a stunningly beautiful sandy beach, often quoted as the best beach of Patmos island.

Psili Ammos Patmos

Psili Ammos, which is Greek for “Fine Sand”, has fine golden sand, deep blue waters and plenty of trees for shade. Despite the fact that we arrived there in the afternoon, we found some shade nevertheless.

On the right side of the beach, you will find a small taverna serving about a dozen dishes. They operate from June to early October, from about 9.30 to 19.00. Their prices are more than reasonable, and the food was yummy! 

Hiking in Patmos

You can only get to Psili Ammos beach by boat from Skala, or through an easy 20-30 minute hike from Diakofti Bay. On the way, you will see Mikri Psili Ammos beach, to which we didn’t see any obvious path. 

Beach in Patmos island

If you only have time for one beach in Patmos, I suggest you go to that one. The natural beauty of this place is really something else, and it may well be the most popular beach in Patmos!

Diakofti beach

Diakofti is a small pebbled beach in south Patmos. The beach itself isn’t special, but the hiking path to Psili Ammos starts right here, so many people pass by.

Sign to Psili Ammos beach Patmos

There’s a small taverna where you can taste some local dishes, or buy some water before your hike.

Petra beach – Iconic beach in Patmos

Petra is one of the most iconic beaches on Patmos island. It is a long and narrow beach with large pebbles, where you will find a series of sunbeds and umbrellas. There are many tavernas nearby.

The pebbly Petra beach in Patmos

On the left side of the beach, you will see the impressive “Rock of Kalikatsou”. This famous rock used to be a hermitage several centuries ago. It somehow reminded me of the Meteora Monasteries, only on a much smaller scale.

Occasionally, some people climb up and see the view from above. I didn’t try it – I am not a goat! 

Kalikatsou rock Patmos

If you follow the hiking path a few minutes south of Petra, you will find a largely unknown cove in Patmos, Plaki. Apparently, this is a favourite with naturists. I ran out of time to go, so I don’t have an opinion!

Grikos beach

Grikos is a small, organized beach next to a marina where yachts and sailing boats moor over the summer. There are loungers, umbrellas, tavernas and a few trees for shade.

Grikos bay Patmos

The view of Petra and Kalikatsou Rock, along with Tragonisi islet, make this one of the most beautiful spots in Patmos island.

You can easily reach Grikos on a bus from Skala town, or in your own vehicle.

Loukakia beach

Loukakia is a small, pebbled beach that you can reach through a few stairs. It is located in a quiet, verdant area, close to the Hermitage of St Nektarios.

The small islet, Pilafi, helps to protect the beach from the strong winds.

Sapsila beach

Sapsila is a quiet sandy beach, walking distance from the port town. Here, you will find some of the warmest waters in Patmos!

How to get to Patmos Greece

Patmos island does not have an airport. Unless you get there by private helicopter (!), the only way to get there is by ferry.
The closest islands with an airport are Samos and Kos, so you can fly there and then take an onward ferry.

I use a search engine called Ferryscanner to check out ferry routes and book my ferry tickets. Unlike some other search engines, there are no hidden costs for their services.

FAQ about beaches in Patmos

Here are a few questions that people visiting Patmos often ask:

Does Patmos have sandy beaches?

Patmos offers all types of beaches – sandy, pebbly and rocky. The best sandy beach in Patmos is Psili Ammos. 

Does Patmos have nice beaches?

Patmos has some truly spectacular beaches! Psili Ammos, Livadi Geranou, Vagia beach and Meloi beach are all amazing – but there are many more.

Is Patmos a nice island?

Patmos is a beautiful, largely unspoiled Greek island, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The two most important places to visit are the Monastery and the Cave of Saint John the Theologian.

Is Patmos touristy?

Unlike some other Greek islands, like Mykonos or Santorini, Patmos is not overly touristy. The busiest time of year are the first two weeks of August.

Do you need a car in Patmos?

If you want to explore all the Patmos beaches, a car or scooter is best. The public buses will get you to the most popular beaches and other places of interest.

Beach in Patmos

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