Kayaking In Rhodes – Fantastic Outdoor Experience To See The Sea Caves

We had a fantastic time kayaking in Rhodes with the lovely team of Trekking Hellas Rhodes! Here’s what you need to know if you want to try this half-day kayaking tour.

Sea kayaking tour in Rhodes

Sea kayaking is a fun outdoor experience that lets you explore the caves and coastline of Rhodes. If you are looking for a great way to spend some time in nature, then this is the activity for you!

Kayaking in Rhodes

We took this wonderful sea kayak tour from Faliraki, offered by the oldest outdoor tour operator in Greece, Trekking Hellas. It was one of our favourite outdoor activities on the island. 

We were able to explore some of the most beautiful bays on the eastern side of Rhodes from a unique viewpoint! We also spent some time on a beautiful wild beach, and enjoyed snorkeling and a homemade picnic.

Here are my impressions after taking this sea kayak tour.

Explore Rhodes on a sea kayak

Our meeting point for our Rhodes kayak tour was at Kathara beach. This is located a half hour’s drive from Rhodes Town, close to the famous resort and tiny fishing port of Faliraki.

We met our friendly guides, Maria and Yiannis, and were ready for our sea adventure!

Kayak trip Rhodes island Greece

The route starts at Kathara beach and follows the east coast of Rhodes, passing by the famous Anthony Quinn’s bay. We were going to paddle heading south for about an hour and a half, with a break on Traounou (or Traganou) beach.

Pirates route kayak trip Rhodes

This was only my second time kayaking – the first one was kayaking in Mykonos. The other people that were with us on the tour had never tried kayaking before, and in fact had never tried swimming in the sea!

Paddling instructions and safety measures

Maria and Yiannis gave us very clear instructions on how to paddle and how to steer the kayak. In about 15 minutes, we knew everything we needed to have a safe, fun and unforgettable experience!

They also provided us with waterproof bags, where we could store our stuff. I decided not to take my phone with me, as the company would send us their own photos, but most people bring theirs.

Safety jackets are important when kayaking

We first did a quick warm-up on the beach. Then we put on our safety jackets, and were ready to go. Maria and Yiannis pushed our kayak into the sea, and off we were!

Amazing rock formations and sea caves

We took this tour towards the end of April, and the weather was ideal for sea kayaking. There was almost no wind, it was not overly sunny, and the temperature was pleasant – warm enough but not too hot.

We paddled for a few minutes along the coast, and soon came across a long, beautiful sandy beach. This is maybe the only official nudist beach on Rhodes, and it’s called Mandomata beach. We didn’t stop there – but we could immediately see why it is an ideal spot for naturists.

Paddling on, we passed a small cape, and kept following the rocky coastline. We even had the chance to go inside a sea cave. Steering the kayak inside the small cave seemed rather difficult at first, but it proved very easy in the end!

Inside a sea cave in Rhodes Greece

We kept rowing round the coastline, and soon came across one of the most famous spots in Rhodes: Anthony Quinn’s bay. This is a small bay formed around the rocky coastline, with deep, crystal clear waters.

Anthony Quinn Bay in Rhodes

You will probably have heard of Anthony Quinn, the famous Mexican-born American actor. Among other movies about Greece, Quinn starred in Zorba the Greek and the Guns of Navarone, most of which was filmed in Rhodes.

Anthony Quinn Bay in Rhodes Greece

The actor stayed in Rhodes for a few months. He liked it so much, that after the movie was completed, he wanted to buy a piece of land. His vision was to eventually turn it into a resort for actors, screen writers and other artists.

Although the Greek government originally agreed, in the end the purchase was cancelled due to a series of issues related to the famous Greek bureaucracy. Until later in life, the popular actor remained very bitter about it.

Originally named Vayes, the small bay is now universally known as Anthony Quinn’s Bay. Thousands of people visit every year, to spend some time at the famous cove. Seeing it from a distance, from our own sea kayak, was just fabulous!

A wonderful picnic lunch

We passed another stunning natural curve, leading to Ladiko bay, and eventually reached a lovely secluded beach called Traounou (or Traganou). This is a quiet beach with small white pebbles, and incredibly clear waters!

Kayaking to Traounou beach Rhodes Greece

As this was my first swim this year, I only managed to stay in the sea for about 3 minutes – this was a refreshing dip alright! I would have loved to snorkel here as the water was clear and transparent. Apparently, there were quite a few fish too!

Traditional Greek food - Beach picnic

After everyone came out of the sea, we had a delicious picnic on the beach. It consisted of dakos, which is a type of traditional Greek salad, dolmadakia, veggies, olives, and the local melekouni treat, made out of honey, sesame seeds and almonds. Yum!

Here are 50 popular Greek dishes that you need to try when you visit Greece 🙂 

Heading back to our starting point

After some time on the beach, it was time to head back to Kathara beach. We followed the coastline once again, and explored some more small sea inlets and caves.

Kayaking in Rhodes island Greece

We also had a chance to ask a few more questions about kayaking tours, Rhodes, and the Dodecanese islands in general. The guys also gave us a few suggestions on more places to visit in Rhodes that are off-the-beaten-track.

Getting back to our original meeting point, we had a quick drink at the beach taverna, and had some more time to ask questions and say our farewells.

My experience of the kayaking Rhodes tour

I totally enjoyed this tour – I think that kayaking is becoming my new favourite sea activity, and going into sea caves is super cool! Plus, it’s an eco friendly way to see the island.

I’m glad that I’ve been exercising on an almost daily basis in the past few months, as I found it quite easy to paddle on a calm day. Plus, my back or shoulders didn’t hurt the next day. Keeping my back straight for the duration of the trip wasn’t so easy though!   

Kayaking trip close to Faliraki beach Rhodes

From my point of view, I would love to go kayaking again when the sea is warmer, and enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Then again, everyone else seemed to be fine, so it’s probably just me being a wimp 🙂

All in all, it was a great day out, and a wonderful way to discover this popular area of Rhodes. I highly recommend it, even if you’ve never tried it before!

More tours and activities in Rhodes

People from all over the world visit the Greek island of Rhodes to see the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of them take a day trip to Lindos, and climb up the impressive ancient Acropolis.

Others spend most of their time on the beautiful beaches. If you want to explore Rhodes by sea, there are plenty more kayak tours and other sea activities on the island. You can check a few of them down below:

  • Catamaran day tour with lunch – A 6 hour sailing trip, which takes you to a few popular beaches in Rhodes. Departs from Rhodes Town.
  • Submarine cruise to Navarone Bay – An alternative way to see Rhodes underwater! Departs from Lindos.
  • Full-day Lindos kayak trip – Paddle along the coastline, explore the Ancient Acropolis of Lindos, and enjoy a traditional Greek meal! Departs from Lindos, pickups available.
  • Sea kayak adventure to the Red Sand beach – Sail past two small rocky islets, and explore two isolated beaches with wonderful colours! Departs from Massari beach.
  • Sunrise Sea Kayaking Experience – See the sun rise in the Mediterranean Sea from your own sea kayak! This should be one of the best kayaking activities for summer, when the weather is much warmer. Departs from Kathara beach, Faliraki.

FAQs about Sea Kayak tours

Here is some more information if you are thinking to take a sea kayaking tour in Rhodes – or elsewhere:

Is this kayak tour ideal for everyone?

This kayak tour is ideal for everyone who can use a paddle, even for complete beginners. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the company offers this trip for people with disabilities! There are a few exceptions for pregnant women and some other categories of people, so check the website before you book.

What should I bring with me on a kayak tour?

You will need your swimming suit, clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, sunglasses, a hat, and plenty of sunblock. Consider bringing a light-colored, long-sleeved T-shirt, to protect your arms from the sun. Also, make sure you bring some drinking water and a towel, to dry yourself after you’ve been for a swim.

Will we stop at the sandy beach located midway?

The beach you will see after leaving Kathara is a nudist beach called Mandomata, and it’s one of the nicest sandy beaches on the island. While you won’t stop there on this trip, you can easily go by car – Rhodes roads are great to drive on.

How long does this kayak trip last?

The trip lasts about 5 hours in total. This includes the training, warm up, paddling, break for swimming, snorkeling and the picnic lunch.

Is a kayak easy to capsize?

Apparently, it takes a LOT of effort to capsize a kayak. So, if you are concerned about safety, don’t worry. And, in case of a windy day or otherwise unsuitable weather, the company offers a free cancellation – safety comes first.

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Vanessa from Real Greek ExperiencesHi! I’m Vanessa from Athens. I’ve loved swimming and snorkeling since I was a kid, and I’ve only recently tried kayaking, which I’m becoming more and more fond of! I totally suggest you try it if you have the chance. For more photos and news about Greece, feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  

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