How to book a train ticket in Greece

Booking a train ticket in Greece is quite straightforward. Here is how to book a train ticket on the official website, and a few tips that will get you the best price possible.

Trains in Greece

The train network in Greece connects several cities. Some of the most important ones are Athens, Corinth, Larissa, Volos, Kalambaka near the Meteora monasteries, Trikala and Thessaloniki.

Trains in Greece

The train is a great way to travel around Greece. It is efficient, convenient and punctual – at least these days! Don’t let its outside appearance put you off – the trains are clean and comfortable, and have everything you need.  

There are three ways to book your train ticket in Greece: on your laptop, through the TRAINOSE mobile phone app, and in person. Let’s check them in detail.

Book your Greek train ticket online

Booking your train ticket online used to be very problematic, especially if you were trying to book it in English. These days, the system works fine, so it will only take you a few minutes to book your train ticket.

You will first need to go to the official TRAINOSE website and create an account. Then, under “ticket purchase”, select “ticket from Internet”. As you see, you have the option to buy your ticket on a mobile – more about this later.  

Book train tickets in Greece on the TRAINOSE website

Once you are in the ticketing menu, you will need to select your departure and arrival stations, whether you want a one-way or a return ticket, and your travel dates.

At the next step, you will be able to see all available itineraries for your chosen dates. You will need to select which one you want, for each leg of your trip.

You will then be asked to select your class and seats. Class A offers a little more space, but I think that most people will be happy with Class B, which looks like this.  

Inside the train in Greece

Once you’ve selected your seats, you will eventually be asked to fill in the names of passenger(s) and will proceed to payment. You can pay by debit / credit card or PayPal.

Your tickets will be emailed to you in a PDF document. You can either print them out, or save them on your phone / tablet / other electronic device.

Book your train ticket in Greece on your mobile

I personally book my train tickets on the TRAINOSE app. You can download it for both Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store). The app is quick and efficient, and it offers an extra 10% discount.

Trainose mobile phone app

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to choose a PIN and password. Make sure you take a note of them as they won’t autosave.

You can then check the timetables and buy your ticket through the “issue ticket” menu. Select the departure and arrival stations, choose the time when you want to travel and select your class and seats. You can then proceed to payment.

The tickets will be instantly available on the app, and will also be emailed to you as a PDF document.

If you are using the TRAINOSE app, here is what you need to pay attention to

Note that the app doesn’t work when there is no internet coverage or if you have no data. Also, make sure you have the PIN or password handy before you travel, as you won’t be able to retrieve your tickets otherwise.

To be on the safe side, you can always print your tickets from the PDF document and show them to the ticket inspector. Make sure the QR code has been printed properly. Alternatively, you can just save the PDF document on any electronic device.

Tip – Even if you don’t have a smartphone yourself, you can always ask someone else to book a ticket for you, so that you take advantage of the extra 10% discount.

Book your train ticket in person at the train station

If you are a spontaneous traveller, you can always book your ticket directly at the train station. Just make sure you allow for enough time before the train departs, as there may be queues.

Book your tickets at Thessaloniki train station Greece

You will receive a paper ticket, that you can show to the inspector on the train. If you buy a return ticket, make sure you hold on to the ticket for the second leg of your trip, as you won’t be able to reissue it if it’s lost.

Note that Friday and Sunday evenings are popular times to travel, so don’t expect to find a last-minute seat. In these cases, it’s best to buy it in advance.

Ticket prices and discounts on the trains in Greece

While many travellers will pay a full price ticket, there are several ways to get discounts for the trains in Greece.

Children, students, young people under 24 years old and people over 65 years old are entitled to various discounts. Children under 4 years old travel for free.

Athens Greece train station

Disabled travellers are also entitled to a discount. You can travel on the train as a wheelchair user, but you will need to inform the train company in advance.

People booking return tickets are entitled to a 20% discount. If you book your tickets on the TRAINOSE app, you are entitled to a further 10% discount.

Frequently asked questions

Visitors who want to travel by train in Greece often ask the following questions:

How do I book train tickets in Greece?

You can book train tickets either online, or in person at the train station.

How do I buy train tickets in Greece online?

You can buy train tickets in Greece online either through the official TRAINOSE website, or through the TRAINOSE app, available for Android and iOS.

How do I book train tickets from my mobile?

You will need to download the TRAINOSE app, make an account, choose the dates and times you want to travel, and issue your tickets. Make sure that you remember your password and PIN, as you will need them to retrieve your tickets.

What documents are required for train reservation?

No documents are required. If you are booking your ticket online, you will need to type in your name and surname. It is possible to pay by debit / credit card or PayPal.

How do I get a train ticket from Athens to Meteora?

You can get your ticket from Athens to Meteora either online, or in person. Note that there is only one direct train from Meteora per day. For all other routes, you will have to connect at Paleofarsalos.

Taking the train in Greece

So there you go, now you are an expert in booking your train tickets in Greece. For more tips on travelling by train in Greece, check out this guide on using the train from Athens to Thessaloniki.

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