Athens: Three New Metro Stations Open In Piraeus!

Three brand new metro stations have opened in the Piraeus area. As a result, Piraeus port is now directly connected with the Athens International Airport by metro.

New metro stations in Piraeus Greece

It’s finally happened! Three long-awaited new metro stations in the area of Piraeus in Athens opened to the public on Monday, 10 October 2022.

Athens new metro station - Dimotiko theatro Piraeus station photos

The station names are Maniatika, Piraeus, and Dimotiko Theatro (Municipal Theatre), where the line terminates. They are all on line 3, most commonly known as the blue line.

In total, there are now 27 stations on the Athens blue metro line. Here is an Athens metro map.

New metro station Piraeus Athens - Athens metro map showing airport lines

According to estimates, an additional 132,000 people will now be using the metro on a daily basis. This will improve traffic conditions around Piraeus port, and in the wider Piraeus area.

Athens Airport to Piraeus directly by metro

One of the best things about the new development? Passengers are now able to use a direct metro line from the Athens International Airport to Piraeus port

Piraeus metro station in Athens Greece - Piraeus train station

The airport metro line departs every 36 minutes from the Athens Airport, passes by Syntagma station and Monastiraki station in central Athens, stops at Piraeus port, and terminates at Dimotiko Theatro.

The whole journey takes just under an hour. Part of the trip is overground, but most of it is underground.

The green line, or line 1, which passes by Monastiraki and Thissio station, remains in service. However, if you are in Monastiraki and want to get to Piraeus, I suggest you take the blue line – it’s more modern, more frequent, and slightly faster.

Athens metro timetables

According to the Athens metro timetable 2023, the first trains of the day will depart from certain stations at 05:30, whereas the last trains will depart at 23:59.

The last trains of the day from the station at Syntagma Square, right at the city center, will be departing at 00:33 on weekdays, and 01:30 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Athens metro - Dimotiko Theatro station

During rush hours (07:30 -11:00 and 13:30 – 17:30), the metro will run every 4 minutes. After 22:00, metros run every 9-10 minutes.

You can access the new Athens metro line 3 timetable through this link: Athens metro timetable.

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