Free Museums In Athens Greece In 2024

A list of free museums in Athens for 2024. Check out which museums and art galleries in Athens have free admission!

Free Museums in Athens

There are well over 80 museums in Athens Greece, most of which have an entry fee, usually at the range of 6 – 15 euro.

But did you know that there are a few free museums in Athens? In fact, even the famous Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum are free to visit on some days throughout the year. 

Acropolis museum and the Caryatids - Best museums in Athens

And if you are into art, there are dozens of art spaces and private art galleries in Athens that you can visit for free.

So, here’s a list of museums with free admission in Athens, and dates when museums in Athens offer free entrance. 

1. The Greek Parliament

When you visit Athens, you will inevitably pass by the heart of the city, Syntagma Square at some point.

Here, you will see an impressive 19th century neoclassical building. It was once the Palace of King Otto and is now home to the Greek Parliament.

Most visitors will observe the famous Changing of the Guards, which happens in front of the Parliament every hour. They might even stroll around the National Gardens.

Changing of the Guards in front of the Parliament - Athens on a Sunday

But did you know that you can actually visit the Parliament building itself? Not many visitors know, and the best part is that entrance is free. You will just need to pre-book your visit well in advance.

Inside, you can see a mix of photos, costumes, newspaper cuttings, and several personal items which belonged to ministers and other officials. Apart from the collection though, you will be able to explore the impressive building from the inside.

Tip: You will enjoy the exhibition more if you can speak some Greek. You can find more info here: Beholding Liberty.

2. Korai 4 Memorial Site 1941-1944

This memorial site / museum in Athens is largely unknown, but it’s a thought-provoking experience for the few who visit.

Located on Korai 4, close to Panepistimio metro, this building hosted the Kommandatur and the German troops during WWII. 

Free museums in Athens - Korai 4 Memorial Space

The building’s basement, originally constructed to be used as a bomb shelter, was eventually used as a transfer and detention center for Greek people who went against the authoritative regime.

On the walls, you will see many of the messages the prisoners carved or wrote.

And although the writings are in Greek, you will definitely get an idea of the difficult times that these people went through.

If you visit this memorial site, I’d love to know what you thought, so please leave a comment below.

Here is their official website: Korai 4 Memorial Space.

3. Ziller – Loverdos Museum

This lovely little museum in Athens, which only opened in 2021, is an annex of the Byzantine and Christian Museum. It is hosted in a beautiful neoclassical mansion built in the late 19th century.

The palace was initially the residence of the German architect Ernst Ziller. In 1912, a prominent banker, Dionysios Loverdos, bought it to use it as his residence, and also as an exhibition space for his outstanding Byzantine art collections.

Byzantine art in Athens Greece

The palace was donated to the Greek State, with the proviso that it will be transformed into a free museum. Yay!

I was very impressed by the architecture of the Ziller – Loverdos mansion. However, what really blew me away were the outstanding Byzantine icons, the manuscripts and the wood carvings.

The Ziller – Loverdos Mansion is located at Mavromichali 6, close to Panepistimio metro station. It’s only a 10-15 minute walk from Syntagma Square.

For 2021, it will be open daily from 08:30 to 15:30, and will remain closed on Tuesdays. Hopefully the official website will operate soon.

4. Museum of the Athens – Piraeus Electric Railways

Did you know that Line 1 of the Athens metro started running in 1869? Probably not! If you want to find out more about transportation at those times, this amazing museum in Piraeus is the place to check out.

Free museums in Athens

Photo taken from the official website, with permission

Inside, you will see carriages, uniforms worn by railway employees, photos, tools, tickets, and all sorts of exhibits related to the Athens – Piraeus railway. It’s a place with definitive historical and cultural value.

While most of the signs are in Greek, you will be able to pick up a brochure explaining the museum’s history, or chat with the passionate employees.

This museum is is located right outside the metro station in Piraeus. Unless you know it’s there, you will probably walk right past it! It is open from 9.00-14.00 everyday, including weekends. You can get there either on the green, or the blue line.

For more information, have a look at their official website: Museum of the Athens-Piraeus electric railways.

5. Benaki Museum: Free admission on Thursdays

One of my favourite museums in Athens is the Benaki Museum. It was founded by Antonis Benakis, a prominent collector and benefactor, and was eventually donated to the Greek state.

With several buildings and annexes in Athens and beyond, this private foundation is ideal if you want to dive right into Greek culture over the millennia. The main building is located on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, a ten minute walk from Syntagma Square.

Free museums in Athens

The main Benaki Museum contains exhibits from pretty much every historical period of Greece, mostly donated by several supporters. It is the best museum in Athens to get a quick overview of Greece’s long, long history.

Among others, you can see ancient Greek artefacts, rare Byzantine icons, a fantastic collection of traditional costumes, and several objects related to the Greek Revolution.

The Benaki is open everyday apart from Tuesdays. Visitors are entitled to free admission every Thursday, from 18.00 to midnight. Note that, while the permanent collection is free to visit, any temporary exhibitions are not.

More information: Benaki museum

6. National Historical Museum: Free admission on Sundays

The National Historical Museum is largely unknown to visitors. It presents Greece’s newer history, focusing on the Greek Independence War.

Exhibits in the museum cover the Ottoman Era (1453 – 1821) and continue to the end of WWII. There are several artefacts relevant to the Greek revolution, in 1821.

Anyone with an interest in Greece’s history beyond the ancient times, should definitely include this museum in their Athens itinerary.

Free museums in Athens

The beautiful neoclassical building hosting the National Historical Museum was home to the Greek Parliament from 1875 to 1932. The museum is only a few minutes away from Syntagma Square.

The museum is open from 08:30 to 14:30 from Tuesday to Sunday. It offers free admission every Sunday.

More information here: National Historical Museum

7. Aggeliki Chatzimichali Museum of Folk Art and Tradition

This early 20th century mansion used to be the home of Aggeliki Chatzimichali. This inspirational lady was a prominent Greek ethnographer and folklorist.

The house is really impressive, and it’s been superbly preserved. You can read some information about her life and her ethnographic research.

Sadly, photos are not allowed inside, so here is the entrance. Better than nothing.

Aggeliki Chatzimichali museum Plaka Athens

This hidden gem is right in the heart of Plaka. Summer opening hours are Tuesday – Friday 9.00-19.00, Weekends 9.00-14.00. Closed on Mondays.

Find out more in my guide to the museums in Plaka.

8. Museum of Natural History in Athens

The largely unknown Museum of Natural History is located in the quiet suburb of Maroussi, out of central Athens.

Most of the exhibits come from a private collection, and include animals from Greece as well as other parts of the world. It’s a great place to go if you are visiting with children.

Free museums in Athens

The museum is open 9.00-14.00 on a daily basis. As the website is in Greek, you can get in touch with them at to confirm.

There are free shuttle buses that you can use from Maroussi metro station.

More info (in Greek): Museum of Natural History

9. Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

One of my favourite museums in Athens is the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments near Monastiraki. Here, you can see musical instruments from all over Greece and beyond.

The museum was free when I first wrote this article, but it now charges a small fee of 2 euro. Still, I have kept it on the list, as it’s truly a little gem in Athens!

Free museums in Athens

There are all types of instruments here, including some rather weird-looking ones. You can use the interactive screens inside the museum to listen to different types of music from all around the country.

This is also a fantastic place to practice your Greek. You will come across words like bouzouki, toubeleki, gaida, flogera and lyra.

Although the museum is not too large, there is enough to keep you entertained for at least an hour. I especially recommend it if you are a musician or if you are visiting with children.

Bonus – it only attracts few visitors, which I find really surprising!

For more information, you can visit their official website: Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

Dates of free admission to museums in Athens

On certain days of the year, admission is free to public museums and ancient sites in all of Greece.

Some of the Athens museums that offer free admission on those dates include the National Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Numismatic Museum.

Here are the free admission days:

  • 6 March – In memory of Melina Mercouri, the former Minister of Culture 
  • 18 April – International Monument Day / World Heritage Day
  • 18 May – International Museums Day, when all museums are free
  • The last weekend of September – European Heritage Days  
  • 28 October – The OXI day 
  • Every first Sunday of the month from November to March

Free museums in Athens

On those days some of the museums also host free events, which are usually promoted on their websites. 

You can find more information on the official website of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture – there’s a downloadable file.

Privately run museums in Athens, like the Acropolis Museum, have their own free days. Check their websites for more information.

Children, young people and students from EU countries with a valid student ID, have free or discounted access to most of the museums in Athens. Again, check each museum’s individual website for more info. 

Free art galleries in Athens

As you have seen, there are plenty of historical and cultural museums in Athens. The list of art museums is not nearly as long, but it’s growing fast. The most important ticketed art museums in Athens are the following:

Painting by Greek artist Parthenis

Apart from these major art museums, Athens has dozens of smaller art spaces and galleries, which are usually free of charge.

Municipal Gallery of Athens

In the little-visited area of Metaxourgio, you will find the Municipal Gallery of Athens, hosted in a beautiful neoclassical building designed by the Danish architect Christian Hansen.

The building operated as a silk factory until 1875, and was later used for other purposes until it was eventually abandoned. Fortunately, it was renovated, and has been hosting the Municipal Gallery of Athens since 2010.

Surprisingly, the gallery is free to visit. In my experience, it’s never busy. 

Free Museums in Athens - Municipal Gallery of Athens

The gallery consists of two buildings. The first one includes the permanent collection. It includes works by several prominent Greek artists, such as Bouzianis, Moralis, Lytras and Zouni. The other building hosts rotating exhibitions.

The exact address is right on Avdi Square, on the corner of Leonidou and Myllerou streets. It is close to Metaxourgio metro station, but you can also walk from Monastiraki or Kerameikos.

For more information, check out the official website.

Private art galleries in Athens with free admission

Athens has an incredible number of private galleries, and also bars and other establishments that double as alternative art spaces. At the same time, there are numerous collectives, art cafes and ongoing art projects.

Free art galleries in Athens

This is a list of some of the most important privately run galleries and other art spaces in Athens, which is by no means exhaustive. You can check their websites for more information on opening hours, current exhibitions and other information.

If you can read Greek, have a look at this article for current exhibition. And, if you have been to any galleries in Athens that you liked, let me know, and I will add them to the list.

Free museums in Athens - Art galleries in Athens

Free things to do in Athens – Street Art

If you are interested in art galleries, you will probably be happy to know that Athens has tons of street art. Anywhere you go in the historic centre, you will be likely to come across a beautiful mural or two.

Some of them have been made by some very talented people. Granted, some others are not too pretty.

If you are one of these visitors who appreciate street art, put on your walking shoes, and explore!

The best areas for street art in the center are Psiri, Kerameikos and Metaxourgio. You can also see a few artworks in Anafiotika and Plaka.

FAQs about Athens

Budget-conscious visitors to Athens often ask questions like the following:

What can you do for free in Athens?

There are several activities you can do for free in Athens. As an example, you can see the Changing of the Guards, visit the National Gardens, stroll around the different neighbourhoods, discover the street art and listen to all the different buskers.

Are museums free in Greece?

There are many free museums around Greece. Most of the better known museums, like the Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the museum in Delphi and the museum in Mycenae are only free on selected days throughout the year.

Can you see the Acropolis for free?

It is is possible to see the Acropolis for free on specific days throughout the year: 6 March, 18 April, 18 May, the last weekend of September, 28 October and every first Sunday of the month, from November to March.

Can you see the Parthenon for free?

The Parthenon is inside the Acropolis complex, and you can see it for free on selected days. It is also possible to see it from a distance – one of the best spots is Areopagus rock.

Is Athens cheap or expensive?

If you are coming from North Europe or the United States, you will find that Athens is on the cheap side. You can find budget rooms for 40-50 euro per night, even in peak season. A budget meal for two can cost under 20 euro, and 35-40 euro will give you more options.

Free museums in Athens

Not a museum person? No worries! If you aren’t that keen on spending time checking out the best Athens museums and art galleries, here are some more free things to do in Athens.

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