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The months between April and October are the best time to visit Corfu Greece. Of those, July and August are the warmest and busiest months. Here is everything you need to know when you travel to Corfu!

When to visit Corfu Greece

Wondering what is the best time to go to Corfu? You are not alone! Corfu is a popular tourist destination in Greece. People visit from all around the world to see the amazing Old Town and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches.

The best months to enjoy Corfu are June, September and early October. April and May can also be a nice time to visit, but the sea will be too cold for most people. The peak months of July and August will be busier, and maybe too hot for some visitors.

Outside the peak season months, you will find lower hotel prices and lower car rental prices. It will also be easier to book ferry tickets at the last minute.

Best time to visit Corfu Town

I’m Vanessa from Athens and I’ve written this detailed guide to help you plan your Corfu trip. I’ve included information about the weather, the best areas to stay depending on season, and plenty of tips so that you can make the most of your Greek vacation in Corfu!

Corfu Weather

As you may already know, Greece has the so-called Mediterranean climate. In many of the popular Greek destinations, summers are warm and dry, and winters are relatively mild.

Looking at a map of Greece, you will see that Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea, to the north-west of the mainland. It’s one of the northernmost islands in Greece, and is close to Albania.

Map of Corfu island in Greece

Due to its geographical location, Corfu’s climate is quite different to the climate of other Greek islands you may have visited, like for example Santorini or Rhodes. Corfu has more humidity and more frequent rainfall than in other areas of Greece.

The weather in Corfu varies a lot from month to month. And while predicting the weather accurately is definitely not possible these days, here is what you should expect during the different months.

Corfu in Spring: April and May

April and May are the two last months of spring in Corfu. You can get very pleasant weather overall, especially if you visit in May.

The average temperature during April generally ranges from about 15 to 20 C (59-68 F) during daytime. In May, it’s a bit warmer, perhaps up to 25 C (77 F).

Evenings are always much cooler. Some warmer clothing will be necessary, especially in April.

The Venetian Fortress in Corfu Town

Is spring a good time to visit Corfu?

Overall, spring is a good time to go to Corfu if you don’t care much about swimming and beach time. You can enjoy sightseeing, explore the island, talk to the locals, and just relax.

In terms of nature, Corfu is amazing in spring. The landscape is beautiful, with thousands of colorful flowers. Corfu is one of the greenest islands in Greece.

With that said, chances of precipitation are not negligible in spring. You should be prepared for a few rainy days, especially if you visit in April. If you are planning to hike, it’s better to go in late May, to minimize chances of rain.

Moreover, the sea will still be too cold to swim for some people. In fact, Corfu has some of the lowest sea temperatures in Greece. Personally, I was far too cold to swim properly in late May, but it depends on what you are used to!

In terms of tourist facilities, some businesses might still be closed in spring, especially in the smaller coastal resorts. If you are staying in Corfu Town, it will be lively and vibrant.

A church in Corfu - Sightseeing is great in spring

Greek Easter in Corfu

A special time to take a vacation in Corfu is the time around Greek Orthodox Easter, which always falls in April or May. If you are interested in culture and local traditions, it’s hard to beat Easter in Corfu.

Note that Orthodox Easter is usually celebrated on a different weekend to Catholic or Protestant Easter. For example, Greek Easter 2024 falls on 5th May.

Easter is a huge celebration in Corfu. During the week preceding Easter, you can catch various religious ceremonies at the island’s churches.

On Good Saturday, anyone staying in Corfu town will have the chance to witness a special cultural celebration.

Locals who live near Spianada Square hold up clay pots, known as “botides“, on their balconies. They then throw them down on the streets making a lot of noise! You can get an idea in this incredible video!

On Easter Sunday, you can see huge feasts everywhere on the island, mostly revolving around food, drink and dance. If you like lamb, it’s a fantastic day to be anywhere in Greece!

Here is some more information: Greek Orthodox Easter.

Corfu in June

June is a great time month to explore Corfu. You will get overall good weather, with lots of sunshine and long daylight hours. The highest temperatures during the day can reach 28-30 C (82-86 F).

Evenings, when the sun goes down, are cooler. You should expect a minimum of 20 C (68 F), and usually higher.

Most businesses in Corfu will be open in June. Yet, there will be fewer visitors than the peak months of July and August, so if you are after a quieter vacation June is ideal.

Accommodation prices will typically be higher than in April / May, but you should still be able to find budget Corfu hotels, even if you book last-minute.

The famous Paleokastritsa in Corfu

Is June a good time to visit Corfu Greece?

June is one of my favourite months to visit the Greek islands, as days are super long. Sunset in Corfu is around 21:00 – 21:10, depending on the exact day of the month.

Fun fact: This is the latest sunset in Greece. In Athens, the sun sets 20 minutes earlier!

The sunny weather makes June a great month for a beach holiday. In fact, some people might find daytime temperatures too warm, because of the humidity.

June is also a good month for a family vacation, as it will be easier to find accommodation, and free beach space or sunbeds and umbrellas.

Quaint village in Corfu Greece

Peak season in Corfu: July and August

Like everywhere in Greece, the summer months of July and August are high season in Corfu. High temperatures during the day usually exceed 30 C (86 F), with evenings being cooler.

If you’ve ever heard of the seasonal meltemi winds that blow in islands like Mykonos or Tinos, you’ll be pleased to know that Corfu doesn’t have those. Combined with the humidity, this usually means that it might feel uncomfortably warm.

Although summer is the dry season in Corfu, you might get the occasional rainy day, or even a thunderstorm.

The two warmest months are also among the most popular time for people to visit Greece. And, like most Greek islands, Corfu will be busier then.

The first three weeks of August are usually the busiest time of the year, as this is also when many Greeks go on holiday. This is when hotel prices are at their highest, and advance booking is essential.

A quaint village in Corfu Greece

Should I go on a holiday to Corfu during the peak season?

Corfu is busy and vibrant during the peak summer months. Some of the best Greek panigiria festivals in Corfu happen in July and August.

For example, make sure you check out the celebrations for the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August.

If you want a lively vacation and you don’t mind the extra cost, July and August are the best months to visit. People who are after more quiet holidays will probably find August too busy.

If you can only visit Corfu in August but you are not so keen on crowds, head to south Corfu. Areas like Santa Barbara or Gardenos won’t be as busy as some of the popular resorts on the north coast.

Beautiful sandy beach in Corfu

September in Corfu

For many people, September is the best time to visit Corfu – and any of the Greek islands for that matter. The weather is still nice and sunny, the sea is warmer than in early summer, and the majority of the crowds are gone.

If you want to enjoy Corfu at a more relaxed pace, September is ideal. There will still be enough to do, and hotel prices will be lower than in peak season.

What is September like in Corfu?

If you are heading to Corfu in September, you can expect daytime temperatures to be between 26-28 C (79-82 F). This is usually a good temperature for sightseeing and beach time.

Nights will be cooler, around 18-20 C (64-68 F) – perfect for sleeping! Make sure to bring some warmer clothes, as evenings might feel cool if you plan to stay out late.

Note that there may be the occasional rainy day, or two, or maybe three. Remember that the Ionian islands are more humid than most other islands in Greece!

Iconic view of Corfu island Greece

Corfu in October

October can be a good month to visit some of the Greek islands. However, as Corfu is so north on the map, Corfu weather in October can be very hit and miss.

Again, if you are not bothered about having good weather, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting Corfu in October. After all, Corfu Town will be equally interesting, and much less crowded than in summer.

However, if you are hoping to spend some time on the beach, Corfu is not a great option in October.

If October is the only time you can travel to Greece, have a look at this article about the hottest Greek islands to visit in October

Best time to visit Corfu for sightseeing

Winter and the off-season in Corfu

Few people choose to visit Corfu or any other Greek islands in winter, and there’s a good reason for this. It can get chilly and rainy, and it might even snow sometimes!

Compared to smaller islands, Corfu, and especially Corfu Town, remains lively in winter. You will find restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, tourist attractions, and plenty of accommodation options.

With that said, note that there are very few (if any) direct international flights to Corfu in November, December, January, February and most of March. You’d typically have to fly to Athens, and take an onward domestic flight.

Should I visit Corfu in winter?

If you are interested in a short city break, Corfu Town is actually a great destination to visit in winter. There’s a lot to do, and the weather will be milder than in most other countries in Europe.

You could also consider the various cruises that stop on various Greek islands, including Corfu. These happen year-round, and they tend to be packed in summer.

In fact, if you are visiting the Greek islands on a cruise, winter is a very interesting time to go. You won’t have to compete with the summer crowds and you’ll be able to do some sightseeing at a relaxed pace.

Just make sure you bring the appropriate clothes and shoes! Here is my article on what to pack for Greece for every season, as winters can get pretty cold!

Winters in Greece can get pretty cold!

Conclusion: Best time to take a vacation to Corfu

In a nutshell, the best time to visit Corfu Greece is in summer, late spring and early autumn.

Summer is the most popular, but also the most crowded and most expensive time to visit. It can also get too warm for some people.

June or September are the best months to visit Corfu if you want to spend some time on the beaches, see the popular sights, and enjoy a selection of restaurants, bars and activities. Plus, you will find more affordable accommodation, and a better selection of rental cars.

FAQs about the best time to take a holiday to Corfu

Here are a few more questions tourists ask about Corfu:

Is there a rainy season in Corfu?

Corfu gets more rain than most other Greek islands. The rainiest season in Corfu is between October and February. Summers are drier, though you can still get the occasional rainy day.

What is the hottest month in Corfu?

The warmest months in Corfu are July and August. Daytime temperatures usually exceed 30 C (86 F), which can feel warmer due to the humidity.

What part of Corfu has the best weather?

South Corfu can have slightly milder weather than the north. On another note, the sea off the east coast is significantly warmer than the sea on the west coast.

When not to go to Corfu?

The best time to visit Corfu is late spring, summer and autumn. It’s best to avoid Corfu in winter, as the weather can get cold and rainy.

Which side of Corfu is windy?

Corfu is not a windy island like the Cyclades. Still, if you compare the east and the west coast, the east side is less windy, as it’s close to mainland Greece and it’s more protected.

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Vanessa from Real Greek ExperiencesHi! I’m Vanessa from Athens and I’ve been to over 60 of the Greek islands, at various times of the year. I spent a month in Corfu last summer, and loved the long days and quiet sandy beaches! Follow me on Facebook for more information and photos of Greece.

Best time to go to Corfu Greece


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