The Best Tours In Athens Greece To Take In 2024

A guide to some of the best tours in Athens Greece. Includes guided tours of the Acropolis, food tours, street art tours, the great outdoors, and many more activities when you are in Athens.

The Best Tours To Take In Athens Greece 

Athens in Greece is a city famous for its rich history and culture. At the same time, it’s a modern metropolis that never sleeps, a foodie’s paradise, and is surrounded by a long, beautiful coastline. 

For visitors who want to get a better feel of the Greek capital, there are several companies offering an array of tours catering to every interest. From ancient landmarks to culinary delights to contemporary culture to outdoors activities, there’s something for everyone.

Best tours in Athens Greece - Tour of the Acropolis

I’m Vanessa from Athens, and I love my city! I’ve picked out some of the best tours Athens has to offer, providing practical insights to help you make the most of your visit to the Greek capital! 

The Best Acropolis Tours In Athens

Many visitors choose to take a guided tour of the magnificent UNESCO site of the Acropolis. This is one of the most popular tours in Athens, and one that is absolutely worth it.

While it’s possible to visit the ancient site on your own, a guided tour will definitely enhance your experience and your understanding of Ancient Greece.

You will learn more about the Acropolis complex, and the individual landmarks inside the site. These include the temple of Parthenon, the Erechtheion with the Caryatids statues, the Propylaea Gate and the theater of Dionysus.  

There are also tours including both the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum, where you will learn more about life in Ancient Athens.

Tip: If you are visiting Athens during summer, it’s best to either select the early morning option (8 am), or an evening tour. Avoid the hottest hours of the day as it can get TOO hot up on the Acropolis hill. Plus, after 9 – 9:30 am, cruise boat passengers arrive, and the site gets extremely busy.

If you have children, you can opt for a mythology tour for families, which is tailor-made for younger visitors – and not only.

Or, for something entirely different, have a look at the women in Ancient Greece tour, where you will see Ancient Athens through a woman’s eyes… it’s pretty fascinating! 

View of the Athens Acropolis

Food Tours And Culinary Delights In Athens

Everyone loves Greek food! If you only have limited time in Athens and Greece, a food tour is always a great idea. You will get to taste several popular foods, such as spanakopita, souvlaki, loukoumades and koulouri.

Alternatively, you can opt for a tour that guides you through the Athens food market. You will get to taste local products like cheese, wine, honey, olives and olive oil, while exploring the backstreets of the most vibrant market in Athens, called Varvakios.

Or, you can take a Greek cooking class. At the end, you will get to taste everything you have prepared, with a view of the Acropolis!

Amazing Greek food

Explore Modern Athens: Walking Tours

Did you know that Athens has lots of street art? And, did you know that – whether we like it or not – street art is, in fact, a form of expression?

In this exceptional street art tour with an artist guide, you will learn a lot about modern Athens, its vibrant art scene, and the various social movements. Bring comfortable shoes and an open mind, and get ready to explore a side of Athens that few visitors get to see.

Or, you might be interested in the Athens: city of rebellion walking tour. Here, you will find out more about the Greek capital’s most recent history, from the time of the Greek Revolution in 1821 to the present.

Both these tours offer a perspective on contemporary life in Athens, and they are great even if you’ve visited the city a few times already – or even if you live here.

Street art in Athens Greece

Discover The Coastline Of Athens

Attica, the region where Athens is located, has a very long coastline. You can easily take a taxi, or even the tram, to coastal areas like Faliro, Glyfada and Voula. These are some of the nicest beach areas to visit for a few hours.

However, you can also explore these areas by sea, on a catamaran sailing cruise from Athens. If you are only taking a short break to the Greek capital but want a sailing experience, this is ideal.

Alternatively, you can take a sailing trip to three of the Saronic islands: Aegina, Agistri, plus the uninhabited and pristine Moni. This leisurely cruise combines everything – swimming, walking, cycling, culture, and lots of nice Greek food! 

Note: There’s another popular cruise which combines the better known islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina. In my humble opinion, this tour tries to cram in too much in just one day. While you will get a taste of each of the three islands, it’s probably too much running around and I wouldn’t recommend it.  

Another option is to visit one of the Saronic islands, Agistri, Aegina, Hydra or Poros, for a day trip on your own. You will need to take a ferry from Piraeus port. You can check routes and book your ferry tickets on Ferryscanner or Ferryhopper.

This is also a more affordable option, though you’ll have to work out the logistics of the trip on your own – but this is part of the fun!

See the Athens coastline in a catamaran

Outdoors Activities In Athens And Nearby

Athens might be a big city, but it also has tons of outdoors activities to offer! 

A cycling tour around Athens is an unexpectedly rewarding way to see the city in a very different light. I took this tour a few years ago and was surprised with the fact that Athens can be bicycle-friendly!

If you like the outdoors, nothing can beat a sea kayaking adventure to explore the coastline of Athens. This activity is great for families, and is suitable for beginners as well as people with some experience in kayaking.

Finally, if you enjoy sea activities, you can go snorkelling, or even try scuba diving! There’s a whole new world to explore underwater!

A beach close to Athens

Day Trips From Athens

I hope this article has given you some ideas of the tours and activities that are available in Athens. Please have a look at these other guides for more inspiration: 

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Best tours to take in Athens, Greece

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