Stores In Greece Will Be Open On Sunday 26 November

On Sunday 26 November, commercial stores in Athens and all around Greece will remain open. Here is some more information.

Stores in Greece will remain open this Sunday 26 November

Commercial shops will remain open on Sunday 26 November throughout Greece.

In light of Black Friday, 24 November, and Cyber Monday, 27 November, the Business and Retail Association of Greece has announced that stores will remain open from 11:00 to 20:00. This includes malls and bigger stores, but also smaller businesses.

Shops in Greece will remain open this Sunday

According to the news announcement, retail businesses will offer great discounts, at the same time offering the best possible service to consumers.

At this stage, it is not certain whether supermarkets will remain open on Sunday 26 November. I will update this article when there are news.

Where to shop in Athens for Black Friday

Here in Athens, many stores have been advertising Black Friday discounts in the last few days. Some stores will put up special promotions on the day, while others offer special prices on different items on a daily basis.

There are many areas where you can go shopping in Athens. You can find chain stores on Ermou Street, a pedestrian street between Syntagma and Monastiraki metro, and many of the side streets.

Shopping in Ermou street Athens

Other areas to shop in the center include Psiri, Kolonaki, Koukaki and Pagrati. Or you can venture out to the suburbs, and look out for local family stores.

Here is my complete guide on where to go shopping in Athens Greece. I have included shopping malls and markets in Athens and the outskirts.

Also, have a look at this article about the best souvenirs from Greece. Or, if you are not interested in shopping, here are a few ideas with what to do in Athens on a Sunday.

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