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Mykonos is one of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. It’s easily accessible from Athens, Santorini, and several airports in Europe.

Where is Mykonos located?

The Greek island of Mykonos is located to the east of mainland Greece, in the Aegean Sea, and belongs to the Cyclades group of islands. The Athens – Mykonos distance is about 160 kms (100 miles).  

Mykonos is positioned between the larger islands of Tinos and Naxos and can be reached by ferry and air. More on this, later.

Map showing the location of Mykonos (Where is Mykonos in Greece)

Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands, but people often don’t realize how small it is.  Mykonos is only 86 sq kms (33 sq m) in size, and is a small but popular destination for independent tourists and cruise ship passengers. 

What is Mykonos famous for?

The island is famous for Mykonos Town and its whitewashed houses, its amazing sandy beaches, its luxury hotels, and its glamorous party scene.

Mykonos is also the gateway to the nearby Delos island, a very small island where excavations have revealed a superb ancient city. Ancient Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the top archaeological sites in Greece.

How do I get to Mykonos?

You can reach Mykonos either by air, or by sea. Depending on where you are traveling from, and where you are going to after Mykonos, it’s sometimes best to use a combination of ferries and flights. The flight from Athens to Mykonos takes approximately 40-50 minutes.

Getting to Mykonos island on a flight

Mykonos airport is located about 3 kms (1.9 m) south of the main town.

During the summer, there are international flights to Mykonos from several European countries, such as the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain etc. In addition, there are frequent daily flights to and from Athens, the Greek capital. 

If you are traveling to Mykonos in Greece during the high season, advance booking is recommended. Last minute tickets tend to be quite expensive.

Once you’ve landed, you can get a bus, taxi, or pre-booked transfer to the town or your hotel in Mykonos. Just a warning: Taxis and transfers in Mykonos are not cheap – but Mykonos isn’t known to be a cheap destination anyway.

Getting to Mykonos island by ferry

You can also get to Mykonos on a ferry from Athens and the nearby islands.

The city of Athens has two ports, Piraeus and Rafina. Several ferries depart to Mykonos from both ports, on a daily basis. Some of them cover the route in as little as 2.5 hours.

You can check out ferry routes and book your ferry tickets on Ferryscanner.

Mykonos is also very well connected to Santorini. Depending on the ferry, the trip lasts between 2 and 3 hours. Again, you can book your tickets on Ferryscanner.

Map of Mykonos in the Cyclades islands Greece

It is important to note that, sometimes, taking a ferry to / from Mykonos makes more sense than flying.

As an example, flying from Mykonos to Santorini would involve a change in Athens, which would make it much more expensive and more time consuming than taking the ferry.

Other islands close to Mykonos are Tinos, Syros, Naxos and Paros. You can easily reach any of them on the high speed ferries in well under an hour! The conventional ferries take a little longer.

Check Ferryscanner for routes, itineraries and more island inspiration!

Once at the port, you can get a bus, taxi or private transfer to your hotel. 

Getting to Mykonos island on a cruise around the Aegean Sea

Mykonos is also a popular stop for cruise ships. Many cruise lines have itineraries that stop at Mykonos, often in combination with other Greek islands such as Corfu, Crete, Santorini, and Rhodes.

If you’re arriving on a cruise ship, you will most likely be docking at the New Port of Tourlos. From there, you can get to Mykonos Town on the bus or water taxi.

Beautiful Mykonos town in Greece

The ride itself will take you roughly 10 minutes. Depending on the season, you should expect some queuing.

Note that taxis also operate in Mykonos, but as they are very limited, it’s unlikely that you can get one if you are getting off a cruise boat.

Tours to take when you visit Mykonos

Booking a tour in Mykonos with help you make the most of your time on the famous island, especially if you are arriving on a cruise ship.

Here are a few of the top-rated tours in Mykonos:

What to do in Mykonos

Does that mean that you can’t explore the famous Greek island without a tour? Of course not! Here are some more ideas:

Stroll around Mykonos town, and enjoy the numerous souvenir shops, art galleries, traditional restaurants and the picturesque Little Venice. Also, don’t miss the Panagia Paraportiani church, which is just behind the Town Hall.

White Paraportiani church Mykonos

Go to the southern beaches of the island, for example Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, Beach, Agia Anna Beach, Psarou Beach, Elia Beach, Lia beach and the beautiful Agrari beach – possibly the nicest sandy beach in Mykonos!

Explore the lesser visited beaches on the northern coast, such as Fokos beach, Ftelia or Panormos – but make sure you go on a day when the meltemi winds are not blowing. There’s a good reason why they call Mykonos the island of the winds!

Stunning Agrari beach in Mykonos Greece

And last, but not least, enjoy the famous party scene!

FAQs about Mykonos and Mykonos Town

Here are some more questions that people often ask about Mykonos:

What area of Greece is Mykonos?

Mykonos is located in the region of the Cyclades islands in Greece, and covers an area of 86 sq kms. It’s right in the Aegean Sea, to the southeast of Athens and to the north of Santorini.

What island chain is Mykonos a part of?

Mykonos belongs to the Cyclades chain of islands in Greece, and is positioned in the Aegean Sea.

Is Mykonos north or south of Greece?

Mykonos is located to the southeast of Athens and the Greek mainland.

What’s Mykonos famous for?

Mykonos is famous for Mykonos Town, pretty white-washed houses, amazing sandy beaches and wild party scene.

Is Mykonos really that expensive?

Mykonos is more expensive than most other places in Greece. There are hundreds of luxury hotels and private villas on the island.

Which is nicer Mykonos or Santorini?

The two islands are quite different. Mykonos is nicer if you are after sandy beaches and glamorous parties. Santorini is best for views, villages and wine tours.

How many days in Mykonos is enough?

Like with every Greek island, you should spend a few nights on Mykonos if you want to enjoy its amazing beaches and feel its cosmopolitan vibe to the full.

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