How To Get From Corfu Town To Paleokastritsa

There are many ways to get from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa. You can use the public buses, a rental car, a taxi / pre-booked transfer, or take an organized tour.

Transportation From Corfu Town To Paleokastritsa

People who visit Corfu, often want to travel from Corfu Town to an area known as Paleokastritsa, or Palaiokastritsa.

This beautiful coastal resort is one of the highlights of Corfu island. It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu, and is also home to one of the best known monasteries in Greece.

View of Paleokastritsa Corfu

Paleokastritsa is located about 24 kms (14.9 miles) north-west of Corfu Town. Here it is on Google Maps: Palaiokastritsa.

You can travel from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa by bus, rental car / quad, pre-booked transfer / taxi, or take an organized tour.

Travel From Corfu Town To Paleokastritsa On The Public Buses

If you are happy to take your time, you can get from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa on the public buses. 

You will first have to take a blue urban bus from the town to get to the Intercity bus station, which is a little out of town. Here it is on Google Maps: KTEL Corfu bus station.

KTEL Corfu bus station intercity buses

Here, you can board an onward intercity bus to Paleokastritsa.

Blue line buses in Corfu

The blue line public buses are an inexpensive way to get to places near Corfu Town. There are several routes, connecting the Old town with nearby areas.

You will need to take a blue bus that goes to the Intercity bus station. The bus routes that connect Corfu Town with the intercity bus terminal are numbers 5, 6, 10, 15 and 18.

Tickets for this journey cost 1.10 euro, if bought at a kiosk, ticket booth or vending machine. An easy place to get your tickets is the booth at San Rocco square.

Ticket booth at Saroko Square Corfu

You can also buy your ticket on the bus for 1.70 euro, using either cash or credit / debit card. 

To find the locations of bus stops in Corfu town, check out the blue line bus website.

Note: Depending on where your hotel is in Corfu old town, you may actually be able to walk to the intercity bus station (though it’s not the most charming of walks), or you can choose to take a taxi for.

Green line buses in Corfu

The green line public buses in Corfu, known in Greek as KTEL buses, will take you to several areas of the island. 

Green buses to Paleokastritsa depart very frequently. During peak season, there are usually around 20-25 routes on a daily basis.

The bus fare to Paleokastritsa only costs 2.30 euro. You can get it from the ticket booths at the station.

You can get from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa on the green bus / KTEL bus

The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned, and the journey to Paleokastritsa will take you just under an hour. The last bus stop is just next to the main beach.

You can check out the green line bus website for more details and seasonal timetables.

Taxi From Corfu Town To Paleokastritsa

If you prefer to avoid the buses, you can also take a taxi from Corfu Old Town to Paleokastritsa.

The main taxi rank in Corfu town is located right on Spianada Square. Taxis in Corfu are dark blue.

Taxi rank in Corfu Town

Note that, during high season, there may be no taxis available at the time you get there, and it’s generally best to pre-book.

The taxi ride will take about 30-40 minutes, depending on season and time of day.

Book A Private Transfer To Paleokastritsa from Corfu Town

There are many transfer companies operating in Corfu, each of them with a different booking procedure.

Welcome Pickups are a well-established company operating in many countries around the world, including Greece. The driver will pick you up from your chosen address and take you to your destination.

You can book a ride with them safely and easily on their website. The price for their service might be a little higher than a taxi, but there will be no queuing and waiting in lines, and you can arrange it well in advance.

The old castle in Corfu Town

The journey will take about 30-40 minutes, depending on the time of day and the season.

Drive From Corfu Town To Paleokastritsa

If you want to explore Corfu island on your own, a rental car is a great option, as it will offer more flexibility.

You can easily pre-book a rental car in Corfu through Discover Cars. This is an online platform which allows you to compare several major car rental companies and book your rental car.

If you are travelling to Corfu during summer, you should definitely book the car before your trip. Corfu is a very popular destination and cars can get sold out – this actually happened in summer 2022!

View of Corfu Town

If you rent a car, you can visit several places on the same day, for example the ruined castle of Angelokastro, or a quaint mountain village called Lakones. 

Many people choose to hire a quad or motorbike instead of a car. If it’s your first time driving a quad, please be extra careful, and make sure you get used to driving it first. Unfortunately, accidents involving quads on the Greek islands are not uncommon.

Driving and parking in Corfu

If you want to rent a car to go from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa, note that cars are not allowed in some areas of Corfu Old town.

If your hotel is inside the historic centre, you might need to leave the car in a nearby parking lot. There are several designated paid parking areas in various location in Corfu Town.

Locals often park their cars anywhere on the coastal road going around Corfu Town, which can be a bit of a walk to the center. 

In fact, you will see local cars parked pretty much everywhere in the town – on pedestrian roads, pavements, anywhere really!

Parking in Corfu

Still, as a visitor it’s best to leave it somewhere outside the center.

When you arrive in Paleokastritsa, there is some street parking along the road leading to the village. There is also a large designated parking area close to the main beach, Agios Spiridon.

Main Paleokastritsa beach

If you want to visit the Paleokastritsa Monastery, it’s best to leave your car down in the parking lot, and walk up the road to the Monastery.

There is extremely limited parking space up there, and you’ll most likely get stuck in a traffic jam – which is exactly what happened to us. We should have known better 🙂

For more information on road rules in Greece, here is my article about driving in Greece.

Take an organized tour from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa

Another way to visit Paleokastritsa from Corfu town, is to take an organized tour. This way, you will learn more about the island, and you can just sit back and enjoy without changing buses or driving around.

Here are a few ideas for tours that you can easily book on Viator:

Conclusion: Best way to get from Corfu town to Paleokastritsa

So, what’s the best way to get to Paleokastritsa from Corfu town? Well, there is no best way – it all comes down to personal preferences.

Public buses are the cheapest way to get to the popular resort, but it will take you a longer time to get there and back. Plus, buses may be crowded.

Old town Corfu Greece

A taxi / private transfer or a rental car will offer more privacy and convenience. A rental vehicle will be more cost-efficient than a transfer, even with the added parking cost.

Or you can always take an organized tour, where you will also learn more about the island’s history and culture!

FAQs about getting from Corfu town to Paleokastritsa

Here are some common questions about Corfu and Paleokastritsa:

How do I get to Paleokastritsa from Corfu old town?

If you are based in Corfu Old Town, you can get to Paleokastritsa by bus, taxi, rental car, or organized tour.

Is Paleokastritsa worth visiting?

Paleokastritsa is one of the most famous areas in Corfu. It’s worth visiting Paleokastritsa monastery, a ruined castle called Angelokastro, and the secluded beaches that you can only reach by sea.

How do you get around Paleokastritsa?

You can get around Paleokastritsa on foot. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the area are only accessible by sea.

What is the cheapest way to travel around Corfu?

The cheapest way to travel around Corfu is on the public buses, also known as green line, green buses or KTEL.

Is Paleokastritsa busy?

Paleokastritsa is a popular destination in Corfu and can get busy, especially during peak season. There are a few secluded beaches which are only accessible by sea, and will be quieter than the main beach.

Do they have Uber on Corfu?

No, Uber is not available in Corfu. You can use regular taxis or a Welcome Pickups transfer instead. 

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