How to help the wildfire victims in Greece

The fires in Greece have been raging for several days. Here is how you can help the organizations that have been involved so far. 

Map of the fires in Greece

Fires in Greece have been raging in several areas, including Athens, Evia, the Peloponnese, Rhodes, Kos, and many others.

The most affected areas around Athens are Varimpompi, Kryoneri, Afidnes, Agios Stefanos, Stamata, and the nearby suburbs.

Fires in Athens Greece 2021

If you are living / visiting one of the affected areas, please close all doors and windows to stop smoke and ashes from getting in your house. If you need to go out, use a N95, ΚΝ95 or FFP2 mask, which will protect you from the smoke particles.

This NASA map shows the current state of the wildfires in Greece.

Hellenic Red Cross

Following the huge mobilization of the Hellenic Red Cross for the extensive destruction caused by the large-scale fires in Greece, HRC develops additional support movements for people in need.

Support the Hellenic Red Cross

Specifically, it is opening a bank account to support the fire victims and the homeless animals, in order to raise as much money as possible. Those who wish to contribute financially are kindly requested to deposit their donations in the following bank account:

IBAN: GR2602602400000300201205013


All deposits must be marked as “PYRKAGIES”.

In addition, food donations are accepted at their Headquarters, Astrous 111-113, Kolonos. Food needed includes powdered milk, evaporated milk, all types of cans, cereals, rusks, flour, pasta etc. Check this link (in Greek). 

For more information you can call: 210-3609825 or visit the website of the Hellenic Red Cross.

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Social kitchen “O Allos Anthropos”

This long-standing volunteer organization is offering meals for the people in need. 

If you want to help, please check out this blogpost (in Greek).

Here are some types of food and utensils needed:

Spices, honey, coffee, evaporated milk

Diapers, paper towels, single forks, spoons and forks, single use gloves, tin foil, liquid detergent, cleaning sponges.

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Lost and injured wild animals 

AnimaWild is an NGO saving wild animals. Here is how to support them financially.

IBAN: GR46 0260 0520 0002 101 0115 2035

ΙΒΑΝ: GR79 0172 0370 0050 3705 5201 578
BIC: PIRBGRAA) Wildlife Care & Protection Center by donating to these bank accounts:

Anima - Help wild animals in Greece

If you find a wild animal, please get in touch on 210-9510075.

Follow AnimaWild on Instagram

Dog’s voice – Accepting donations and volunteer work

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates on what is needed (in Greek)

Volunteer Firefighters

There are numerous volunteer firefighters all around Greece. Some of them, like Forest Fire Protection Volunteers for Attica, accept donations.

Other sources to follow

If you can read Greek, you can follow these private initiatives and FB groups. They are mostly posting updates for the fires, including food and other donations. 

FB group – Pyrkagia News – A very active group where you can find lots of information, including where to go if you want to volunteer actively.




Do you have any other information?

If you have any other information, please leave a comment below, or feel free to message me on my FB page, and I will add it to the article. Thank you!


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  1. Καλημέρα, τις επόμενες μέρες θα κάνω μια φιλανθρωπική καμπάνια με στόχο να μαζευτεί ένα ποσο για τη Β. Ευβοια. Μπορείτε να μου πείτε πως θα μπορουσα να βοηθησω ; υπάρχει κάποιος οργανισμός που συντονίζει τη βοήθεια για Ευβοια ;

    • Γεια σας! Το άρθρο αυτό το έχω γράψει κυρίως για κάποιους που δεν διαβάζουν ελληνικά ή δεν μένουν στην Ελλάδα, και ήθελαν να βοηθήσουν. Θα σας πρότεινα να κοιτάξετε τα FB γκρουπ που έχω αναφέρει στο άρθρο, όπου υπάρχει γενικά πάρα πολλή πληροφορία. Καλή επιτυχία!

  2. I am an Air Canada Flight Attendant I will be working a flight to Athens will be in the city on August 30 & 31…is there a place where I can drop off fresh clothing, toothbrush, and other personal care products for the forest fire victims. My base will be at the Athens Marriott Hotel downtown. Please contact me by Saturday morning in Canada, so I can pack things for you. Thank you Ms. Charlie ( Charlotte) Laister

    • Hi, this is so nice of you! Unfortunately all threads that I’ve been following in Greek haven’t been active for the past couple of weeks, so I am not sure if anyone is actually collecting stuff at the moment. I will let you know if I come across something else.

  3. Hi,

    I’m based in the UK and looking for information on how I can help? Can we come over to help and volunteer? Any info would be appreciated.



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