Outdoor Activities in Kimolos Greece – Explore the Wild Side of Kimolos

Nature lovers will enjoy the outdoor activities in Kimolos Greece. Here’s everything that the little Greek island has to offer.

Kimolos Island in Greece

Kimolos is a small island in the Cyclades. It’s located very close to Milos, but is nowhere as near as popular as its famous neighbour.

The pretty port beach in Kimolos Greece

Its small size and quietness makes Kimolos an ideal Greek island to relax and be close to nature. Hikers will be able to explore everywhere on foot, including most of the island’s pristine beaches.

You can get to Kimolos by ferry from Piraeus, Milos, or other Cycladic islands. I use a search engine called Ferryscanner.

And now, here’s my guide on the best outdoor activities in Kimolos Greece.

Going to the beaches in Kimolos

Hitting the beach is my number one favourite summer activity! I explored all the beaches in Kimolos, apart from a couple of remote coves on the north.

Beautiful Kalamitsi beach, Kimolos

Kimolos has a variety of beaches. The majority is sandy, but there are also some beautiful rocks and a couple of beaches with large pebbles.

One of the most popular beaches in Kimolos is Prassa, on the north east coast. It is a very photogenic beach, with sparkling white sand and turquoise water. It’s one of the few beaches in Kimolos with a beach bar – however, ask around, as this may change from one year to the next. You can also swim to the nearby islet, Prassonisi.

A beach in Kimolos Greece

My favourite beach in Kimolos was Mavrospilia, a pretty, wild beach with a sunset view. I also enjoyed spending time in Kalamitsi and Bonatsa, on the south coast. And for people who like hiking, Soufi on the north is a must – totally secluded and remote, with plenty of shade.

As we were in Kimolos in late September, the beaches in Kimolos were all tranquil and peaceful. Some people would have found them too quiet!

Hike to Soufi beach in Kimolos Greece

I wouldn’t say the beaches in Kimolos are as impressive as the beaches in Milos or in Mykonos. However, I personally enjoyed the sense of calmness a lot, and swimming in Kimolos was delightful.

Here is some information about the best beaches in Kimolos, one by one.

Snorkelling in Kimolos

For people who like to snorkel, Kimolos is a fantastic destination. The picturesque rock formations and sea caves around the island are waiting to be explored.

Fishing village in Kimolos Greece

When it comes to snorkelling, the highlight of Kimolos is Ellinika beach, on the western side of the island. This is the location where the town of ancient Kimolos existed.

Close to the coast, you will see the small islet of Agios Andreas. It was once connected to the mainland, until a strong earthquake destroyed the ancient city.

Many of the ancient artefacts discovered on the island were found in this exact area. Others still remain at the bottom of the sea, which makes the beach a popular place for snorkellers.

Now, I have to say, I was looking forward to exploring the ancient ruins at Ellinika. Unfortunately, we were mostly unlucky with the winds in Kimolos, so swimming to Agios Andreas wasn’t possible.

In all honesty, I am not certain that the stones and ruins that I saw underwater were ancient indeed. But maybe I never found the right spot. You will hopefully be luckier – or you can use your imagination, like I did!

Another interesting area for snorkelling in Kimolos is Gerakia cave, which is only accessible by sea. Places you can reach from the coast include Kalamitsi beach and Prassonisi islet near Prassa beach. Apparently, monk seals live around Prassonisi, but I didn’t see any.

White volcanic rocks in Kimolos Greece

Finally, stong swimmers will love snorkelling around Asprogremna rocks close to Mavrospilia beach. Similarly, the Revmatonisia rocks off the coast at Goupa Karra are totally worth exploring.

Remember to check the weather prediction, and keep in mind that the currents might be stronger than you think.

Hiking in Kimolos Greece

I found hiking in Kimolos super pleasant and refreshing. It is a fantastic way to enjoy this little gem of an island.

Hiking in Kimolos Greece

Unlike other Cyclades, there is very little infrastructure on Kimolos, so exploring on foot will take you back in time. You will come across the typical Cycladic terrain, which includes a lot of dry land and plenty of rocks. Apart from the odd barn, there are a few churches here and there.

The hiking trails are well signposted, with red-and-white signs. The paths are generally kept in good condition, thanks to hikers, the local Kimolistes volunteers and the authorities.

Sign for hiking trail in Kimolos Greece

While Kimolos is hilly, most of the hiking routes are relatively easy. Experienced hikers can explore two or more trails on the same day.

If you are serious about hiking in Kimolos, I recommend getting a hiking map of the island from  Anavasi or Terrainmaps. You should be able to buy those in tourist shops in either Kimolos or Milos.

The Hiking Trails in Kimolos

There are a few main hiking trails in Kimolos, covering a lot of the island. They all begin in Chorio, the capital, and usually end on a beach.

A gate of a church in Kimolos

Here are the main trails you can hike in Kimolos:

  • Chorio – Seladi – Mavrodassos – Ellinika beach (7 km / 3 hours / easy)
  • Chorio – Sklavos – Skiadi – Mavrospilia beach (7.6 km / 3 hours / easy)
  • Chorio – Sklavos – Paliokastro – Consolina cave – Castle beach – Agioklima beach – Fidaki beach (8.5km / 3.5 hours / medium)
  • Chorio – Xevri – Matsa – Gadaromandra – Monastiria – Soufi beach (6.5 km / 2.5 hours / easy)
  • Chorio – Chimeli – Gambas – Agioklima beach – Fidaki beach (6.8 km / 3 hours / medium)
  • Chorio – Sklavos – Petalida – Makropounta beach (8.5km / 3 hours / easy)
  • Chorio – Korakies – Roupas – Monastiria beach – Soufi beach (5 km / 2 hours / easy)
  • Chorio – Sklavos – Vroulidi beach – Therma beach – Thiakou beach (8 km / 3 hours / easy)
  • Chorio – Xaplovouni – Windmills – Pantokratoras – Chorio (45 minutes / easy)
  • Chorio – Rema – Goupa-Karra – Agios Nikolaos (2.1 km / 45 minutes / easy)
  • Chorio – Ennias – Mpoukes (1.5 km / 30 minutes / easy)

Like you would do on any Greek island, bring plenty of water, sunscreen sunglasses and a hat. Also, carry a scarf, to protect your eyes and nose from the powder-like sand blowing in your face.

A hiking trail in Kimolos Greece

I recommend hiking shoes for the more difficult trails. And if your main purpose is to hike in Kimolos, remember that you might find summer temperatures a bit too hot. We were there in late September and it was perfect!

Hike to Skiadi Rock in Kimolos

One of the most popular hikes in Kimolos leads to Skiadi Rock, a landmark site in Kimolos. This mushroom-shaped rock was sculpted naturally over thousands of years.

In front of Skiadi rock, Kimolos Greece

So how did Skiadi take its unique shape? The giant rock is made of many different materials that range in hardness. While the top of the rock consists of hard materials, its base is made out of softer minerals, that have been corroded by the winds over the millennia!

The only way to reach Skiadi is a smooth hiking path which begins up on the mountain. You can drive your car to the parking spot, and hike for about 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you can hike to Skiadi from Chorio itself. You will come across signs everywhere, so you can’t miss it.

Hiking path in Kimolos Greece

Serious hikers might want to continue to the western beaches, Mavrospilia and Ellinika.

Outdoor Activities in Kimolos

And this pretty much completes the outdoor activities in Kimolos! The low-key island is ideal for relaxation, taking it easy, and just enjoying the wild nature.

A cat in Kimolos Greece

Of course, this is not all. Here is a selection of my reasons to visit Kimolos.

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Vanessa in Kimolos GreeceHi! I am Vanessa, a travel writer from Athens. I love summer, sea activities and driving around the Greek islands! The Cyclades have a special place in my heart, and Kimolos is one of my very favourite islands. I hope this guide on getting around Kimolos has helped you! For any questions, get in touch on the Real Greek Experiences FB page.

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