How To Get Around Kimolos – Car, Hike And Boat!

Here’s how to get around Kimolos in Greece. Based on my personal experience of driving all around the quaint Greek island! 

Explore Kimolos – Best way to get around Kimolos

Kimolos in Greece is part of the Cyclades group of islands, and is located close to the better known Milos. It is a cool little island to explore, relax, take it easy, enjoy the beaches and taste some delicious local food.

The Castle in Kimolos Greece

You can easily visit much of Kimolos on foot. This includes Chorio, the quaint capital, and Psathi, the port.

However, if you want to explore the whole island, you will likely need some form of transportation. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about getting around Kimolos.

Getting around Kimolos by Car / ATV / Motorbike

Driving around Kimolos is the best option for visitors who want to be independent. Like in most of the Cyclades, the local road network is a mix of paved road and narrow dirt roads.

There are no traffic lights on Kimolos. Instead, you will occasionally come across cats, dogs, goats or donkeys.

View of the port town Psathi, Kimolos Greece

Rent a Car / ATV / Motorbike in Kimolos

At the time of writing, there are three agencies on the island where you can rent a vehicle. Two of them are right in Psathi port, just as you get off the ferry to Kimolos. The third one is on the way to Chorio, a few minutes walk away.

Rental prices vary a lot, and they depend on the season and the vehicle model.

Generally speaking, booking on the spot will get you a lower price, especially if you are visiting during the off-season or booking the vehicle for several days. However, if you are planning to visit during peak season, it’s better to book in advance.

Rent an ATV in Kimolos Greece

American visitors who are not used to driving stick will need to check if any automatic cars are available. Advance booking is definitely advisable here.

Note that you will always need a valid driver’s licence, and some nationalities require an International Driving License. Make sure you have this before you travel to Greece.

Driving around Kimolos

Driving around Kimolos is great fun as long as you are happy with the dirt roads and overall sense of absence of rules. If you want to explore the whole island, you should rent either a 4WD or an ATV / motorbike.

Regular cars are not covered by insurance on dirt roads – you never know what you might come across…!

My car and a donkey in Kimolos Greece

Overall, it’s better to rent a small-sized car. It will be easier to navigate in the narrow roads and find parking spots outside the villages.

My old Toyota Starlet took us pretty much everywhere. The only road we avoided was a bad dirt road to Monastiria and Soufi beaches. We reached those using a hiking trail.

A church in Kimolos Greece

In my experience driving around Kimolos, Google maps works fine everywhere. Parking is generally easy on the coast and beaches. You will have to park at designated areas when you are visiting Chorio and Psathi.

In some areas of Kimolos, for example Prassa beach, you will notice some big mining trucks. These are typically going backwards and forwards at high speed. My suggestion is to pull off the road as soon as you can, and just let them go by!

A mining truck in Kimolos Greece

There is one gas station in Kimolos, on the way to Klima beach. Like everyone else on the island, the owner is really nice. During summer, he is normally there every day, but ask around in case this has changed.

Here is some more information on driving in Greece.

Getting around Kimolos by Bus

At the time of writing, there was no bus service in Kimolos. This appears to have been the case for a couple of years.

If Google isn’t too helpful, ask your room owner for the latest information. Or you can get in touch with the bus driver, Manolis Moustakas, at +30-6973-700033.

Sandy beach in Kimolos Greece

Getting around Kimolos by Taxi

For anyone who prefers to use a taxi / private transfer in Kimolos, Aneza Logotheti will be happy to help. You can reach her at +30-6945-464093 and +30-22870-51552. Dirt roads are likely to be off-limits, so double-check with her.

Getting around Kimolos by Bicycle

For people who are up for a bit of a challenge, cycling is another way to get around Kimolos. It’s not a super flat island, but some routes will be easier than others. This is what you might come across 🙂

Goats in Kimolos Greece

Because of the high temperatures, cycling would be best enjoyed outside summer. Make sure you have sunscreen and sunglasses. Also, bring a scarf, to protect yourself from the wind and fine dust from the quarries.

Getting around Kimolos on Foot

Hikers will love Kimolos. There are many hiking paths and trails all around the island. They are generally well maintained and signposted. We walked along a few of them and it was wonderful.

Hiking is the only way to get to the famous Skiadi rock, a landmark of Kimolos. It’s a large rock that looks like a mushroom!

The unique Skiadi rock in Kimolos Greece

Many of the hiking trails in Kimolos are easy, so you could even do them in sandals. Still, you can’t go wrong with proper hiking footwear.

Here is some more information on hiking and other outdoor activities in Kimolos.

Getting around Kimolos by Boat

A boat trip is a fantastic way to see Kimolos and explore its beautiful coastline. On calm days, you can explore the north coast, including the impressive Gerakia cave.

Most boat trips will also include the nearby Polyaigos, an uninhabited island with gorgeous beaches.

Crystal clear blue sea in Kimolos Greece

All in all, the exact itinerary will generally depend on weather. The northern side of Kimolos is not easily accessible when the meltemi winds blow.

Vangelis Vamvakaris, who has spent some time on Polyaigos, organizes boat trips around both islands on his Sea Taxi “Delfini”.

You can book your trip at the travel agencies at either Psathi or Chorio (Maganiotis Travel and Kimolos Travel). Alternatively, you can reach him at +30-22870-51150 and +30-6972-272111.

Another idea is to rent a private boat and explore Kimolos at your own pace. If this sounds more like your style, check out Polaris Rent.

Final Thoughts on Getting around Kimolos

Some travellers could see much of Kimolos by walking and hiking alone. However, most people would need some form of transportation to explore the whole island.

A boat in Kimolos Greece

If you are staying for a few days, you could rent a car or ATV for some of your time in Kimolos, and also explore on foot. Also, look out for bus itineraries before you visit, in case they have resumed.

And by all means take a boat trip – after all, you are on a Greek island!

How to get to Kimolos

You can get to Kimolos on a ferry from Piraeus in Athens, or from other Greek islands – the most obvious one is Milos. You can check all ferry routes and book your ferry ticket on Ferryscanner

If you are also going to Milos on the same trip, have a look at this article on how to get around Milos.

Kimolos Greece is a relaxing islandHi! I am Vanessa, a travel writer from Athens. I love summer, sea activities and driving around the Greek islands! The Cyclades have a special place in my heart, and Kimolos is one of my very favourite islands. I hope this guide on getting around Kimolos has helped you! Follow me on FB and Instagram for more Greek inspiration!

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