How To Get Around Milos In Greece – Transportation And Travel Tips

Visitors often ask how to get around Milos in Greece. Here are some suggestions, based on my own experience after having driven pretty much all around the island.

Explore Milos Greece – Best way to get around Milos

Milos is a fantastic place to explore. It has dozens of beautiful, natural beaches, strange landscapes, pretty villages, interesting museums and archaeological sites. Here’s what to see and do in the Greek island of Milos, but you’ll need to get around to see it.

Real Greek Experiences in Paliochori beach Milos

The most common ways to get around Milos are by rental car / ATV / motorbike, bus, taxi, and boat. Milos travel options also include exploring the lovely hiking trails around the island.

Of course, before you start exploring Milos, you first have to get there! Ferryscanner is a great place to book ferries to all the Greek islands. If you book your tickets through this link, I will get a small commission, at no extra cost to you, which helps me run this website.

And now, here’s how to get around Milos Greece.

Getting around Milos by Road – Milos blog

If you want to be independent, the best way to get around Milos is by some form of rental vehicle. Most people should quickly get used to driving on the rural, winding roads.

Driving in Milos is a real treat for the off-road adventurer. While many of the roads in Milos are paved, there are long stretches of dirt roads, often in bad condition.

In order to reach the more remote eastern beaches, or to explore the west, barren side of the island, you will need to rent an appropriate vehicle. Just remember to top up with fuel before you set off.

Real Greek Experiences - Our Starlet in Milos Greece

As for us, we brought our own car in Milos. It’s an old and trusted Toyota Starlet from the 90s, which has taken us around much of Greece. As it’s a small car, it’s ideal for the narrow, winding roads in Milos and the other Cyclades.

We took our Starlet on most of the dirt roads with no issues, however, certain parts were very challenging. We actually damaged the car on the way to Thiorichia beach. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed, but in retrospect it wasn’t so clever 😊

If you rent your own vehicle, just take it at a nice steady pace and let the locals who literally know every little curve of the road do their own thing. Which normally involves overtaking you!

Here is some more information and tips:

Driving around Milos – Car Hire in Milos

There are plenty of places to rent a car in Milos. Most of them are located in Adamas, and there are also a few in Pollonia.

If you are going off-season, you could consider booking your vehicle on the spot. Nikos cars and Matha are among the most popular choices, and some of the bigger car-rental companies are also represented on the island. 

However, most people will want to book a vehicle in advance. Discover Cars is an online platform where you can compare several car hire companies, and book a vehicle. You can find very competitive prices, especially if you book early.

Our Toyota Starlet in Milos Greece

Overall, prices vary a lot, as they depend on the season and the type of car you are booking. Also, most agencies will give you a discount if you are renting the car for several days.

If you are booking the car on the spot, it’s always a good idea to compare prices between agencies. Bargaining could save you a few euros too, if you are up for it.

If you are visiting Milos during peak season, it will definitely be best to book your rental car in advance, especially if you are looking for a particular type of car, e.g. an automatic.

Before you travel to Greece, check if you need an International Driving License to drive here. While some companies might not ask for it, a suitable driving license would be necessary in case of an accident.

Milos Car Rentals – Do I really need a 4WD in Milos?

Before deciding on what type of car to rent, you should have an idea of what roads you need it for. As you will have gathered by now, if you are planning to fully explore the island, yes, you will need a small 4WD.

Many (but not all) of the roads of the eastern side of the island are paved. Still, many coastal areas are only accessible through dirt roads. This includes the stunning Thiorichia beach, and a remote bay with lovely pebbles called Kastanas.

As for the west part of the island, you won’t find any paved roads at all. After damaging my own car, I wish we had rented a 4WD for a day… Oh well.

Mandrakia beach in Milos Greece

Though many people take regular cars on dirt roads, these cars are typically not covered by insurance in case of a breakdown. Check the insurance policy carefully before you book.

The last thing you want to do during your Greek vacation is to deal with car problems – or the famous Greek bureaucracy…

Touring Milos – Take a road trip around Milos 

This magnificent tour was one of our Milos highlights! The off-the-beaten-track Milos day trip is simply fantastic, as you will get to see much of the island that few people get to see.

This was a great introduction to Milos, and we learnt a lot about the beautiful Cycladic island and its mining history.

Explore Milos Greece in a 4WD

Getting around Milos by ATV or Motorbike

Another way to get around Milos is by ATV or motorbike. You will need a valid driver’s license if you want to rent any of these in Greece.

Rent an ATV in Milos Greece

ATVs are popular, especially with younger visitors, as they are small and can navigate easily through the narrow streets in Milos. They can be a fun (though slightly bumpy!) alternative to a car, and they are suitable for dirt roads. 

If you haven’t driven one before, proceed with caution, as they are quite easy to turn over. In fact, every travel agent will be quick to bring up a story or two of drivers that lost their balance on an ATV. I’ve seen that happen, and it didn’t look pretty.

There are many companies on the island offering good quality motorbikes and ATVs. Walk around Adamas, check them out, and don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Quarries in Milos Greece

If you rent an ATV or motorbike, remember to use sunscreen, and don’t forget your legs! In addition, bring a hat, sunglasses and a scarf with you. They will protect you from the sun, and also the fine dust coming from the quarries, especially on windy days.

Getting around Milos by Bus – Milos Bus Schedule

Like most of Greece, Milos has a dedicated local bus service, with buses going to a few places around the island. The buses are called KTEL, and they are a fairly inexpensive way to see some areas in Milos, with most fares costing around 2 euro.

Milos bus timetable summer 2020

There is a bus station in Adamas, walking distance from the port. The bus network covers the main destinations: the biggest towns, some places of interest, and a few of the best beaches in Milos.

Generally speaking, Pollonia has fewer routes per day than Adamas Port or Plaka, but this might change from time to time.

As you would expect, if you want to reach the smaller villages or the most remote beaches, you will need to find an alternative way to get around Milos. You could try hitchhiking, but don’t bet on it!

Fyriplaka beach in Milos island Greece

Also, note that there are very few buses after it gets dark. If you are staying at Adamas but want to go out at Pollonia or Plaka for the evening (or vice versa), you will need to find another way to return to your hotel.

Check this link for Milos bus timetables and bus services.

Getting around Milos by Taxi or Transfer

Another way to get around Milos is by pre-booked private transfer. This could come very handy if you are arriving to Milos by plane at an awkward time.

Some people may prefer to go around Milos by taxi. There are taxi services located in Adamas and Triovasalos, running several routes for set costs. You can book taxis by reaching out to 22870-22219 and 22870-21306.

If you are staying in Adamas and want to spend a whole day in Pollonia or Plaka, you can get there on the KTEL bus and ask for a late evening transfer or taxi service back to your hotel.

Getting around Milos by Bicycle

Cycling around Milos would be a bit of a challenge, as many parts of the island are steep and mountainous. It would also be rather unpleasant in summer, when Milos gets 30 degree temperatures and meltemi winds.

A bicycle in Milos Greece

With that said, certain parts of the island are fairly flat. As an example, the 6-km route from Adamas to Achivadolimni is very pleasant.

Overall, if you are aiming to cycle around Milos, you would enjoy it more in spring or autumn. Still, brace yourself for some very sharp inclines.

Hiking around Milos

Milos is a breathtaking place to go hiking, as you will be able to see more of its unusual landscapes.

The mountainous, wild island has a long network of hiking trails and paths, some of which are in better condition than others. Many of them are signposted.

A good place to start is the Miloterranean Geo Experience, a network of routes guiding you around the geological points of interest in Milos. You can also find great detailed hiking maps of Milos at Terrain Maps and Anavasi.

Most visitors hike up from Plaka to the top of the Venetian Castle. It was one of my favourite spots in Milos.

View from the Venetian Castle in Milos Greece

Another popular hiking trail in Milos is a 2.5 km route. It covers Trypiti, Milos Catacombs and the Ancient theatre and ends at the spot where the statue of Venus of Milos was found. You can also continue to the quaint Klima fishing village

If you are planning to go hiking in Milos, bring some proper walking shoes. Although many of the trails can easily be done in sandals, it’s always better to keep your feet protected and safe from the red vipers that live in Milos.

The best seasons to hike around Milos are spring and fall, when average temperatures peak at 20-25 degrees. Some people might find the 30+ summer temperatures uncomfortable. I sure did when we hiked to Kleftiko beach – and it was 25 September!

Hiking around Milos island Greece

Here is some further information on the best time to visit Milos Greece.

Sailing Trip around Milos

Let’s face it. You are on an island famous for its beaches, some of which can only be reached by sea. The best way to get to them is on a sailing trip.

Few Cycladic islands have such an impressive coastline, and viewing Milos from the sea is an experience you are unlikely to forget.

Map of Milos archipelago Greece

As you would expect, there are several boat tours and sailing trips around Milos available, ranging from half-day to full day. Some names that will come up if you research Milos sailing trips are Chrysovalandou, Thalassitra, Kapetan Giagkos and Zefyros.

Generally speaking, those trips will give you the opportunity to see much of the coast. They typically include Kleftiko, Gerontas and Sikia cave, as well as certain rocky islets, like Glaronisia and Arkoudes.

Often, you will also visit the uninhabited Polyaigos island, and there may even be a short stop at Kimolos. However, the exact itineraries may vary and will largely depend on the weather.

Our Experience Sailing around Milos

In 2018, we took a catamaran cruise around Milos with Chrysovalandou II boat. This was a full day trip departing from Adamas. We visited many key places in Milos, including Kleftiko Bay and the nearby Polyaigos island.

Milos Greece - A fishing village

Our cruise included a full lunch, some snacks, all drinks, and plenty of time to relax, swim and snorkel. It gave us a great first impression of the island, and we even saw some dolphins!

If a full-day sailing trip sounds too much, there are shorter cruises departing from Kipos, on the south coast. These are run on smaller boats called Delfinia. There’s also a wooden boat called Armi, departing from Agia Kyriaki.

These Milos sailing  trips normally stop at Gerontas and Kleftiko beach. While both of these spots are accessible on foot, getting a boat is definitely more relaxed. You can even put your feet up 😊

Putting our feet up on the sailing trip around Milos

You can look around for the latest information and compare up-to-date prices at the agencies in Adamas. Always take into account that a sailing trip might be cancelled in case of strong winds.

My advice is to plan your trip early in your holiday, so that you can reschedule it if necessary.

Michalis Vamvakaris at Milos Experience is a friendly local who can help you with a sailing trip, or any other information you may need about Milos. Their agency is right on Adamas port.

Getting around Milos on your own Sailing Boat

If you are sailing around the Cyclades islands on your own boat, Milos will undoubtedly be one of your most memorable stops. It will take you several hours to sail all around the island’s 125-km long coastline. Allow for a few days for Milos, and don’t miss Polyaigos and the nearby Kimolos.

Personally, I couldn’t get enough of swimming in the crystal-clear waters and taking in the awesome landscapes of the Milos archipelago. Neither could this guy, from the looks of it.

Kleftiko Bay in Milos island Greece

Something you should seriously consider, especially if you have never sailed in the Aegean before, are the meltemi summer winds. In addition, pay extra attention when you are sailing close to the coast, and if you steer through the Milos – Kimolos strait, where there are many shallow spots.

In any case, don’t hesitate to ask locals for advice – they will provide information that you can’t find in any guide.

Finally, if you are visiting Milos and want to rent a private motor boat for a day or two, there are plenty of options. You can check out several types of vessels, that can be rented with or without operator license. For example, check out Milos Boat Rental and Rent Boat Milos.

Final Thoughts on How to Get around Milos

Renting a car offers more flexibility and you will be able to explore more of Milos. Apart from the catamaran tour, this has been our preferred way of going around Milos. In my opinion it’s hard to explore the island properly without your own transport.

Vanessa in Milos Greece

This is not to say that you can’t see Milos without a rented vehicle. For people who don’t want to drive on a Greek island, there are always buses and taxis. In addition, I warmly recommend a sailing tour to see some of the coastline. Whatever you decide, Milos won’t disappoint!

However you plan on getting around Milos, you will have to get there first. Here’s my Milos guide on how to get to Milos Greece. And, last but not least, here’s where to stay in Milos!

And if you are also popping to check out Kimolos… here’s how to get around Kimolos Greece.

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