Snowchains Mandatory In Athens As Of Tonight

As of Monday 29 January, snow chains will be mandatory in Athens and the whole of Attica for all types of vehicles. EDIT: As of the 31st January, snowchains are no longer mandatory.

Snowchains necessary in Athens Greece

Due to the expected snowfall in Athens Greece, snowchains will be mandatory for all vehicles from 22:00 on Monday, 29 January.

Vehicles of all categories must be equipped with suitable snow chains or other similar anti-skid means, which includes snowsocks or special snow tires. This is valid for the entire road network of the Prefecture of Attica.

This measure is implemented to guarantee the smooth flow of road traffic and to enhance vehicle safety on snowy or icy roads.

Areas where snow is expected include mainly the northern suburbs of Attica, such as Agios Stefanos, Drosia, Stamata, Anixi, Kryoneri, Dionyssos, Ekali, Rodopoli, Penteli etc. There will also be snowfall in areas like Maroussi and Kifissia.

The mountains of Parnitha and Kithaironas will be affected the most, with heavy snowstorms.

Traffic police inspections for snow chains 

Enforcement inspections for snow chains and associated fines will be in place. In the event of a traffic violation, i.e. absence of snow chains or similar means, an administrative fine of 80 euros is applicable. 

According to the relevant ministerial decision, vehicle drivers must:

  • supply the vehicle they drive with suitable anti-snow means,
  • know how to correctly install and operate the snowchains on their vehicle,
  • drive accordingly to the weather conditions, with a view to protecting road safety. Suggested top speed is 30 km/h.

Rental cars and snowchains in Greece

These rules will apply for rental cars in Athens and the rest of Attica.

However, note that the rental company’s obligation to provide necessary equipment depends on the lessee’s explicit request for anti-slip devices. This request must be clearly stated in the rental contract.

If the lessee does not explicitly request anti-slip devices, the car rental company is under no obligation to supply them.

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