New Climate Tax For Tourists In Greece In 2024

A new climate tax has been introduced in Greece as of January 2024. Here is more information about this new tourist tax, which will affect all types of accommodation.

Greece – New tourist tax for climate 2024

As of January 2024, a Climate Crisis Resilience Tax has been introduced in Greece.

All visitors staying in hotels, villas, apartments or rooms anywhere in Greece will have to pay this tax. The amount of tax will range from 1.50 euro to 10 euros per night stayed at the accommodation.

The exact amount of Greek climate crisis resilience tax for each business will depend on the type of accommodation, and the month. Here is a summary:

New tourist climate tax in Greece

For example, visitors staying in villas or 5-star hotels during the tourist season (March to October) will pay 10 euro per night. Visitors staying in simple rooms, hotels and AirBnBs, will pay 1.50 euros per night.

During winter (November to February), which is the low season for Greece, the tourist tax is reduced. 

If you have a look at, you will find that many hotels have already incorporated the climate tax in the total cost of the accommodation. Regardless, businesses will need to issue a separate receipt for the new tourist tax.

Financing resilience efforts against climate change

The climate tax will replace the old hotel tax, which ranged from 0.50 to 4 euro per night. The new measure will bring significant revenue to the Greek State, estimated to no less than 300 million euros within 2024.

The government aims to use this revenue to finance resilience efforts against climate change. Part of the funds will be used towards reconstruction after natural disasters, like the 2023 wildfires in Rhodes or the unprecedented floods in Thessaly.

Although some industry professionals worry that the new tax might discourage tourists, Greece expects a record number of visitors in 2024. In the last couple of years, the numbers of people visiting Greece outside the summer season has been steadily increasing. 

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    • If you are non-paying guests, I guess that you won’t have to pay the tax, but it’s best to clarify it with the family. Enjoy your stay!

  1. I like Greece, in Zante now, paid 90 euro tax well sorry won’t be coming back, also notice how expensive everything is sunbeds 20 euro, government has got greedy treating people as a money pit. long haul holidays for me, I feel sorry for the people.


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