Cinema Festival In Greece With 2 Euro Tickets – October 26

On October 26, you can watch movies at cinema theaters throughout Greece with a ticket of only 2 euro!

Cinema Festival in Greece

Today, on October 26, Greece is hosting the Cinema Festival for the second consecutive year. This special event allows you to enjoy any film in any theater across Greece for just 2 euros!

With a single 2 euro ticket, you have access to all films playing in all cinema theaters for one day. It’s the perfect opportunity to gather your friends, family, or colleagues and celebrate the magic of cinema where it all began – in the theater.

In 2022, the Cinema Festival took place on October 27, the day before the October 28 OXI day, and achieved a remarkable milestone by selling a record-breaking 110,934 tickets.

This outstanding number stands as the highest daily cinema ticket sales in Greece in the 21st century!

Cinema festival Greece - Lights, camera, action!

A Cinematic Nameday Celebration

This year, the Cinema Festival coincides with the nameday of St Dimitrios. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the name day of all your friends who are called Dimitris or Dimitra!

Whether you are a devoted cinephile or just enjoy a movie from time to time, the 2nd Cinema Festival in Greece is a great way to celebrate.

All you need to do is choose which movie(s) you want to see, grab your popcorn or nachos, and get ready for an epic movie experience.

One thing is certain – you will go back next year for more silver screen magic!

Celebrate Greece cinema festival 26 October 2023 with plenty of pop-corn!

Movies at the 2nd Cinema Festival

During the 2nd Greece Cinema Festival, you will have the chance to see various classic films, but also some of the latest releases, such as the following:

Orson Welles – Citizen Kane (1941)

A groundbreaking drama that explores the life and legacy of a wealthy newspaper magnate. Through innovative filmmaking techniques, it delves into themes of power, ambition, and the elusive nature of truth.

Mikhail Kalatozov – I Am Cuba / Soy Cuba; Russian (1964) 

A view of the pre-revolutionary state of the Cuban people and their subsequent revolt, providing a vivid exploration of the sociopolitical landscape of the era.

Pier Paolo Pasolini – Theorem / Teorema (1968)

A surreal narrative, where an enigmatic guest disrupts a bourgeois family’s mundane existence, triggering profound transformation. The film explores themes of religion, sexuality, and class conflict, leaving a lasting existential impact.

Francis Ford Coppola – The Godfather (1972)

A compelling portrayal of the Corleone crime family. This masterpiece delves into the paradox of family loyalty and moral corruption within the underbelly of the 1940s American Mafia.

Martin Scorsese – Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

A gripping film which unravels the chilling mystery of the Osage Indian murders in the 1920s. The movie explores themes of greed, betrayal, and a quest for justice amidst America’s vast oil wealth.

Christopher Nolan – Oppenheimer (2023) 

A biographical drama diving into the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist known as one of the “fathers of the atomic bomb”. The film explores the ethical ramifications of his work, the toll it took on his personal life, and the lasting legacy of his contributions to science and warfare.

There are dozens of other movies though! For more information, you can check out the Festival’s official website and Athinorama (in Greek only). 

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