Summer in Greece isn’t over yet!

Greece is expected to experience unusually high temperatures this coming weekend, 21-22 October 2023. In some areas, temperatures will exceed 30 degrees!

A warm October in Greece

This coming weekend, 21-22 October, is going to be a warm one in Greece and the neighboring countries.

A significant influx of warm air masses will be moving from Africa towards the Balkans and the South-East Mediterranean.

In countries close to Greece, midday temperatures in the next couple of days are expected to be 13-14 degrees higher than the average levels for this season.

Unusually high October temperatures in Greece

In Greece, temperatures are expected to fluctuate around 5-6 degrees higher than the usual levels. There will also be prevailing southerly winds, resulting in reduced visibility during the evening and early morning hours.

The atmospheric circulation, driven by various factors such as temperature gradients and pressure systems, will primarily facilitate the transportation of dust particles in the western and southern regions in Greece.

Still, the weather will be pleasant and summery, overall, and you can indulge in sightseeing, outdoor activities, or hitting the beach!

A sunny day in Greece

Highest temperatures in Greece over the next few days

Here is what the highest temperatures are going to look like over the next few days:

Athens: 28 C
Thessaloniki: 28 C
Larissa: 28 C
Patras: 32 C
Santorini: 27 C
Heraklion, Crete: 29 C
Rethymnon, Crete: 31 C
Rhodes: 28 C

Source: Forecast data from the National Observatory of Athens / Meteo

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