Greek Websites For Expats And Digital Nomads

This list of Greek websites and resources are essential to know about when living in Greece as an expat or digital nomad.

Greek websites that expats should know about

This list of websites for expats in Greece will help you make the most of your daily life in this beautiful country of the Mediterranean. It includes information about accommodation, shopping, job opportunities, health services and entertainment.

Relocating to Greece can be a fantastic experience. At the same time, moving abroad can also be stressful, especially if you don’t speak the local language. Here are 20 things you should know about Greece before you come to live here.

One of the problems that people face, is they don’t know where to find information about local businesses and services we all take for granted in our own countries. That’s why I’ve put together this guide for expats living in Greece. It includes a list of websites that will help you get to grips with all the information you need when living in Greece. 

Useful websites for expats moving to Greece

While many of these sites have an English version, some of them have only been partially translated. You can use the automatic Google translate – though sometimes it comes up with some very hilarious translations. If you don’t speak Greek, try to at least familiarize yourself with the Greek alphabet and learn a few useful Greek words

So, here are some helpful websites that expats living in Greece should know about. Some of them are only relevant to the bigger cities and the mainland. If you are living in a rural area or a Greek island, many of these services won’t be available.

1. Best websites for long-term housing in Greece

If you are planning to live in Greece for a while, one of the first things you’ll need to look for is housing. Here are the best Greek websites for expats to look for long-term houses and apartments in Greece:

Whether you are interested to rent or to purchase a property, these websites will provide a wealth of information. You can filter by area, type of house, price, extra facilities, etc. Some of the properties listed on these sites are managed by agencies, while for others you would talk to the actual owner.

Unlike some other countries, standard housing contracts in Greece have an initial length of three years. If you know you will be here for only one or two years, it’s best to work with a lawyer and make sure you get a rental contract that suits your needs.

If you are thinking to purchase, it’s absolutely necessary to work with a trustworthy lawyer and an engineer before you sign any contracts – this is true even if you are fluent in Greek!

In order to rent or buy a house or apartment, you will need to be in the Greek tax system, and have a Greek Tax Number (AFM), so that the electricity bill can be filed under your name. This is something a lawyer, or an accountant, can help you with.

2. Where to look for short-term housing in Greece

Finding short-term accommodation in Greece is not as straightforward as you’d hope. To make things worse, owners of short-term rentals are legally allowed to rent them out for only up to 3 months per calendar year.

This is one of the reasons why asking prices for short-term lets in Greece is typically absurdly high. Digital nomads coming to Greece know this first-hand!

Useful websites for expats in Greece

I hate to say that, but there’s also another reason. Unfortunately, expatriates are a great target group for home owners who want to make some extra money. In the end, it comes down to how much money you are comfortable spending, how many months you need accommodation for, and how long you can spend looking for a flat.

Here are some of the best places to look for short-term rentals:

Once you’ve been to Greece for a month or two, you will hopefully have made some connections and you will have a better understanding of how the system works.

3. How to find a job in Greece

Many people who decide to move to Greece because they have a job offer before they arrive. Before you accept a job in Greece, have a look at this article with the cost of living in Greece.

If you are looking for career opportunities while living in Greece already, two of the best places to look for work are LinkedIn and Kariera. Before you start looking, you need to know if you are eligible to work in Greece / the European Union.

Useful websites in Greece

Fluency in Greek is often required to get a job. However, several jobs exist for non Greek-speakers, especially if you have a very unique qualification.

Otherwise, you can look at jobs such as customer service, teaching English or other foreign languages, services related to tourism, or housekeeping. Arm yourself with huge amounts of optimism and patience, be prepared to navigate the Greek system, and good luck!

4. The best food delivery services in Greece

Takeaway food delivery services are very popular in Greece. In fact, the dilemma “souvlaki or pizza” has existed for many decades. Thankfully, these days there are many more options for takeaways.

There are many websites and apps where you can order food and also a takeaway coffee, which is a huge part of the Greek culture. Thousands of locals, expats and digital nomads in Greece use them on a regular basis.   

Coffee is a popular drink in Greece

Here are three of the most popular food delivery services in Greece. You can also use them to order your basic groceries. You’ll need to buy a Greek SIM card before you can register with any of them:

Each platform has a slightly different system and they work with different restaurants and supermarkets. It’s best to do your own research and see which one works best for your area and your own personal needs.

Both Wolt and E-Food are automatically translated, but only to a certain extent. Box, on the other hand, is in Greek only. Yep, living abroad can be challenging! Have a look at this guide with 50 popular dishes in Greece, so you know what they are if they appear on a menu.

5. Online grocery / supermarket delivery in Greece

While E-food, Wolt and Box also deliver groceries, most people will want to shop from a larger selection now and then.

The good news is that most big supermarkets in Greece offer delivery services, either directly or through third-party platforms. The bad news is that most sites are in Greek only, so if you can’t understand Greek you might find it difficult to navigate them.

Supermarket deliveries in Greece

Here’s where to look for online supermarket deliveries in Greece:

There are also dozens of online shops that specialize in nuts, seeds, grains, superfoods and spices of great quality. Here are just a few:

Bonus: Farmers’ markets in Athens

Supermarket deliveries can be convenient, but when it comes to fresh produce, nothing can beat the farmers’ markets, known in Greek as laiki. Here, you can get great quality produce, household items, basic clothes, shoes, and a few more things. Prices are usually much lower than at Greek supermarkets.

In Athens, farmers’ markets happen one day per week at each suburb, and the streets come alive with colorful stalls. One of the largest and my own favorite is close to Panormou metro. It happens on Saturdays, from about 7:00 to 16:00.

Farmers' market in Athens

This website shows the locations of all farmers’ markets in Athens Greece: Laikes Agores.

If you live around the centre, you can also go to Varvakios food Market, which is close to Monastiraki metro. This is open everyday apart from Sunday, from about 7:30. Stalls start closing late in the afternoon.

Related article: What to do in Athens on a Sunday

6. Comparison price websites in Greece – Online shopping

The popularity of online shopping in Greece increased dramatically during the times of the Covid pandemic. As stores were closed, for long periods of time, many people turned to online shopping instead.

There are several Greek comparison price sites that you can use. Items you can order include clothes, shoes, household items, electronics, gadgets, tools, cosmetics, non-pharmaceutical products, and many more.

Websites for expats moving to Greece

Here are the most popular shopping platforms in Greece:

Delivery methods depend on the individual shop you are ordering from. Many local businesses allow store pick-up as well.

At the time of writing, there is no Greek Amazon. is the best option for Greece, but delivery fees and shipping times can vary a lot.

And for those of you living in Athens who love visiting stores the old-fashioned way, check out this guide for shopping in Athens

7. Classifieds and second-hand goods in Greece

Many expats and digital nomads are disappointed when they realize that second-hand stores are not a big thing in Greece. Still, there are many places to buy second hand goods, from cars and electronics to clothes and accessories. Here are a few sources:

  • – A huge search engine for used cars, technology, hobby, fashion etc
  • Vendora – Anything used, from fashion and hobbies to technology, tools and toys
  • Facebook marketplace and various Facebook groups

8. Transportation in Athens and Greece

Wherever you decide to live in Greece, whether in Athens, Thessaloniki, or one of the Greek islands, you will need to get around. Here are some of the websites you’ll find useful:

  • Google Maps – Not just for maps and directions, but also to see what’s nearby and read reviews on businesses
  • Moovit – How to get from A to B on public transportation within a city, or certain islands
  • Ferryscanner – A search engine to check ferry routes and book your ferry tickets
  • Ferryhopper – Another search engine for ferries
  • HellenicTrain – Train services in Greece

People living om Greece often use the ferries

If you are living in Athens, these sites will help you further navigate public transportation:

  • STASY – Timetables for the three metro lines and the trams
  • OASA Telematics – Website and app for bus and trolley services in Athens
  • ATH.ENA Card – Transportation pass for metro, tram, buses and trolleys

I’ve also written these articles about getting around Athens:

9. Culture, events, entertainment, and daily life in Greece

There are plenty of options for entertainment in Greece, and tons of cultural events and festivals that you can attend. Here are a few websites that you’ll find useful:

And if you have a special interest in history, you are just in the right country. You will never run out of archaeological sites and museums to visit!

Visit Ancient Epidaurus

10. Doctors, pharmacies and medical services in Greece

Most people living in Greece will inevitably need to look for a doctor, dentist or other medical professional at some point.

DoctorAnyTime is a platform where you can book appointments with health professionals and psychologists. You will know the cost of your visit at the time of booking. Compared to many other countries in Europe and the rest of the world, doctor costs in Greece are very affordable.

In terms of a hospital emergency, you should know that A&E departments in Greek hospitals are only on duty on a rotating basis. This means that you will need to consult this rotating list of emergency hospitals. You can also use the Greek version. Keep in mind that queues are usually very long.

Useful sites for expats moving to Greece

You should know that, in case of an emergency, everyone can go to the hospital which is on duty, irrespective of whether they are in the Greek system or not. There is no cost for your visit, apart from any medication that you might need, which you will have to purchase yourself from a pharmacy.

There are also numerous private services for emergencies, like SOS Iatroi or Iatroi Kat Oikon. I suggest that you check those services and save them on your phone,  so you have them handy, rather than look for them when you, or someone you know, is in need. 

Finally, note that Greek pharmacies have specific opening hours during weekdays, and are closed on Sundays. This list of out of hours emergency pharmacies is extremely valuable if you need an emergency medication in the middle of the night. Or you can use this version in Greek.

11. Various professionals and services in Greece

If you are looking for a professional or service in your area, you can use Google Maps. Apart from that, have a look at these websites listing various local businesses:

  • XO – The original Yellow Pages in Greece
  • Vrisko – Most types of professionals

There are also certain specialized platforms:

  • Nannuka – Babysitters, nannies, home tutors, and other caregivers
  • Douleutaras – Various technicians and handymen in Greece. Examples are plumbers, electricians, cleaners, gardeners, locksmiths, moving companies, etc.

12. Greek newspapers in English

There are several English-language newspapers in Greece, providing news and information about the country. Some of these include:

All of these newspapers offer daily coverage on local and international news as well as cultural events, opinion pieces, and more.

As for weather prediction in Greece, I consider Meteo to be one of the best sources. 

13. Strikes in Greece

Believe it or not, there’s a dedicated website for strikes in Greece! It’s called apergia, which means strike in Greek.

If you are not too confident in Greek yet, I also post strike information on my Real Greek Experiences FB page.

Here is some more info about strikes in Greece.

Things to know as an expat in Greece

14. Connecting with fellow expats in Greece

If you want to connect with the expat community in Athens, or anywhere in Greece, try these platforms:

  • MeetUp – An international platform where you can meet Greeks and foreigners in your area
  • Internations – Social events in Athens and Greece

Facebook groups are another great way to meet other people, and also ask for advice. Here are a few, but there are many more:

FAQs about being an expat in Greece

Here are a few more questions I often see on expat forums and online groups:

Is Greece good for expats?

Many expats come to Greece for a better life. They are attracted to the natural beauty, generally mild weather, and the overall peaceful lifestyle. If you have a decent salary, Greece is a fantastic place to live.

Where do most expats live in Greece?

Most expats in Greece live in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu, but there are expats in many more cities and islands. 

Is Greece friendly to expats?

Greeks are known for their friendly and extrovert nature, and also their hospitality. If you move to Greece, expect long conversations with people you haven’t met before, and don’t be offended if they ask you questions that might seem too personal!

Can you survive with English in Greece?

Most people who live in Greece speak English, so you can get by without learning Greek. However, if you want to fully understand the culture, learning Greek is important.

Are there any disadvantages living in Greece?

Things that will challenge most expats moving to Greece are the bureaucracy, the lack of organization, the relatively low salaries, and the absence of animal welfare. Furthermore, the Greek language is not easy to learn. Still, people who are looking for a more relaxed pace on life, will appreciate Greece. 

Can I open a bank account in Greece?

Yes, you can open a bank account in Greece, as long as you have the appropriate papers and documents. Here’s my guide on how to open a bank account in Greece.

Can expats drive in Greece?

Expats who have a suitable driver’s license can drive in Greece. Have a look at this article about driving in Greece.

Vanessa from Real Greek Experiences

Hi, I’m Vanessa! I was born in Athens, where I live with my expat boyfriend. Whether you are an expat, or a visitor here, I hope you’ve found this list of Greek websites useful. If there are any other resources you use regularly, please comment down below and I’ll add them to the list! 

Websites for expats in Greece



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