Restaurants, cafes and bars in Greece closed on Tuesday 16 November

Restaurants, cafes and bars in Greece have declared a nationwide strike for Tuesday, November 16. Catering professionals are protesting against the new Covid-related restrictions.

Strike for food and drink establishments – Tuesday 16 November

Restaurants, cafes and bars will be on a 24-hour strike on Tuesday 16 November. Business owners complain about the regulations which have been imposed all around Greece, to reduce the spread of the Covid pandemic.

Strikes in Greece 16 November tavernas cafes bars

Due to the restrictions, businesses in the food and drink sector observed significant reductions to the number of customers, since the first day when the measures were imposed.

Measures for tavernas, cafes and bars in Greece

As a reminder, in order to visit any tavernas, cafes and bars in Greece which are outdoors, customers need to show their ID along with one of the following documents:

  • a vaccination certificate
  • a certificate proving they have contracted Covid in the last 6 months
  • a negative PCR test taken max 72 hours before their visit
  • a negative rapid test taken max 48 hours before their visit.

Children and teenagers aged 4 – 17 can also visit with a 24-hour negative self-test, while children under 4 don’t need any documents.

When it comes to indoors venues, adult customers who have not been vaccinated or contracted Covid are not allowed entrance. Children and teenagers aged 4 – 17 can visit with any type of negative test. Younger children don’t need any documents.

Measures to support the catering industry in Greece

In a statement, the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurant & Related Professions (POESE) calls on the government to take support measures for the catering industry, which is suffering.

Catering professionals are asking for sustainable industry support measures. This comes at a time when it is uncertain whether new Covid-related regulations may be introduced. 

Among others, the demands of POESE include

  • the reduction of VAT to 6%
  • various types of financial aid, including funding similar to 2020-2021
  • re-assessing fines and increasing the customers’ accountability. 

In addition, POESE refers to the existing labor legislation, which does not take into account the unique nature of jobs in the food and drink industry (night shifts, holiday shifts, weekends).

All the Workers’ Unions that are related to the catering industry (bakers, DJs etc) support the strike on November 16. It is likely to be a big one.

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