Street art in Athens – Bright colours and political opinions

When you hear the words “street art”, you might think of Berlin, London, Melbourne, Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires. Street art in Athens might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, Athens has emerged as a street art destination over the past few years.          Street art in Athens - Elephants


Several local and international artists like WD, iNO, STMTS and Sonke have chosen to decorate our capital city with their beautiful art. As a result, the areas of Anafiotika, Psirri, Kerameikos, Metaxourgio and Exarhia are full of street art.

Street art in Athens

If you go for a walk around downtown Athens, you will probably come across one or more of the following works. Some of them are small, others are large, and there are also a few commissioned murals. Here are a few photos of street art in Athens!


Some of the oldest street art in Athens can be found in Exarhia. If you visit this vibrant neighbourhood, you are likely to come across this big graffiti, that has been there for a very long time. In fact, one could argue that this particular piece sums up the attitude of this neighbourhood.

Street art in Athens - Exarhia graffitti against police


On the contrary, this amazing work below was unfortunately covered by other art a few years ago. To this day, we consider it one of the best examples of street art in Athens.

Street art in Athens - Erased graffitti in Exarhia


One of the most prominent buildings in the Exarhia area, is the Polytechnic University. Once inside, you can see some stunning art, such as this very elaborate mural.

Street art in the Polytechnic University of Athens



We are also fans of this particular graffiti inside the Polytechnic University. The motto next to it translates into “Hate fear”.

Street art inside the Polytechnic University of Athens


Speaking of the Polytechnic University, did you know that it was mysteriously covered in a huge graffiti in March 2015? The graffiti was cleaned very soon, but some tagging has taken place since then.

Large graffitti covering the Athens Polytechnic University in March 2015


Anafiotika – Plaka

Plaka and Anafiotika are among the most visited areas of Athens. Tourists and locals can easily spot a few lovely artworks.

This small mural in Plaka was made by Sonke, possibly the most instantly recognisable street artist in Athens and beyond.

Sonke street art in Plaka


Nearby, you can see this smaller image, followed by a text in Greek.“And they came again, on new horse-carriages, to collect more taxes. Going down, however, they felt that they were stepping on cotton, and not on firm ground. They saw countless tortured eyes, with stones in their hands. Many horse-carriages stayed there. They left, and never came back. Never…” We leave the interpretation to you!

Street art in Plaka, Athens


The art work below is a little tricky to find, but its vibrant colours are stunning. You can find it if you walk down from Anafiotika into Plaka.

Street art in Anafiotika, Plaka, Athens


Finally, this graffiti on a temporary construction, is trying to pass a message… or two!

Street art in Athens


Metaxourgio – Kerameikos

Those upcoming neighbourhoods are home to some of the best street art in Athens. If you walk around, you are likely to come across street artists on-the-job!

Street art in Kerameikos, Athens


You will find street art everywhere, even in abandoned backyards.

Street art in Metaxourgio, Athens


Monastiraki – Psirri

Walk no more than 5 minutes from Monastiraki metro, and you will come across one of the biggest and most famous graffiti in Athens. You can’t miss this large commissioned mural – just get to Psirri square and look up.

Street art in Psyrri square, Athens


In Psirri, there is also a mural of Loukanikos, the famous stray dog who ran alongside protesters in Athens and was one of Time magazine’s people of the year for 2011. Loukanikos died in 2014, and this work was created in his memory.

Athens street art - Loukanikos mural


If you like bright colours, this might be the most suitable piece of street art in Monastiraki!

Bright colours - Street art in Athens


Polytechnic University in Zografou

If you are a serious street art lover, you will definitely want to take a trip to the premises of the Polytechnic University in Zografou area. The closest metro is Katehaki.

Street art in Athens, Polytechnic University



Don’t be discouraged by the fact that it’s a university! The guards at the gates are very helpful and they will even give you directions to see the best known art works.

Athens street art in Polytechnic University


If you are lucky, you might see some of the world-famous artists, like WD, on the job. This is one of his finished works – just stunning!

Street art in Athens

Allow yourself a couple of hours to fully explore the area – it’s a really nice campus. You may want to pack a picnic as well!

Athens street art

More street art in Athens

You can find this amazing mural in Ampelokipi area, a 20 minute walk off the centre.

Athens street art


You can occasionally find street art on garbage bins. We honestly can’t remember where we saw this one!

Athens street art - A bin


We hope that you have enjoyed our pictures! As you can see, they are quite different from the pictures of Ancient Athens, presenting another face of our wonderfully diverse city.

Street art in Athens - Exarhia Street art in Athens, Monastiraki







These were some of our favourite street art works in Athens. We have left out several for you to discover!

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