Tractor Protests In Athens Tuesday 20 February

On Tuesday 20 February, Greek farmers will demonstrate with tractor parades in front of the Parliament at Syntagma Square, Athens. Greek farmers have been protesting for a few weeks, asking for better conditions in the farming sector.

Greek farmers to demonstrate in Athens with tractor parades   

On Tuesday 20 February, thousands of Greek farmers have planned a big demonstration in Athens, Greece. Farmers will arrive to Athens from several regions of Greece, such as Thessaly, Northern Greece and the Peloponnese. 

As a symbolic gesture, a large number of tractors will gather at Syntagma Square, in front of the Greek Parliament. Currently, it remains uncertain how many tractors will be permitted to enter central Athens, though estimates suggest a range of 150 to 200 tractors.

Various traffic regulations will be in place throughout the day.

Farmers protest with tractors in Athens Greece

Since the beginning of February, Greek farmers have been actively campaigning for greater assistance and improved conditions within the agricultural sector. Their demands include a boost in financial aid, adoption of fairer trade policies, and establishment of better regulatory frameworks.

You can read more about the farmers’ demands in this article

Tuesday 20 February farmer demonstrations Athens

The main protest on Tuesday 20 February, is scheduled at Syntagma Square, in front of the Greek Parliament, for 18:30. 

Several labor unions, students and mass organizations will be participating in the protests, in support of the farmers. 

Protesters are set to convene at multiple meeting points, beginning at 17:30. Gathering spots include Omonia, Santaroza Square (across the street from Rex theater), Panepistimio metro station, and Syntagma Square. 

A designated area will be provided at Syntagma Square for the tractors to park. 

Tractors will be accompanied by police cars on their way to Syntagma Square, and will be restricted from moving freely and uncontrollably in the city center.

Greek farmers protest with tractor parades

Unions participating in the farmers protest

Farmers are supported by several federations and labor unions, representing a diverse array of industries, including:

Food and Beverage, Food, Tourism and Hotels, Pharmaceutical, Press – Paper and Textile, Energy, Water and Chemical, Finance, Accountants – Auditors, Lawyers, Media, Artists, Cleaners, Public sector workers, Health and Education, Craftsmen and Merchants, Telecommunications, Couriers, Building, Construction, Metal and Shipbuilding, Shipping, Dockers, Urban Transport.

According to police sources, the goal is for the demonstrations to proceed smoothly, with minimal disruption to the economic and social activities in the Greek capital.

In the last few weeks, groups of farmers have been setting up temporary blockades in several roads in Northern Greece. In the past, traffic on national roads has been heavily affected due to similar demonstrations.

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