Taxi Strike In Athens Greece On 27-28 February

Taxi drivers in Athens, Greece, are planning a 48-hour strike, on February 27th and 28th. This decision was communicated by the Athens Taxi Drivers Association, known in Greek as SATA.

Taxi strike in Athens Greece

If you are in Athens Greece on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 February, note that taxi services will be disrupted due to a strike organized by the Athens Taxi Drivers Association.

This industrial action will impact taxi operations both within the city and for journeys to and from Athens International Airport. Visitors and residents should plan accordingly and consider alternative transportation options during this period of strike action.

Here are some other ways to travel around Athens:

Welcome Pickups private transfer service – Unfortunately these services might be unavailable due to high demand

Athens airport metro – The airport metro connects the Athens airport to many areas in central Athens, such as Plaka and Psiri, and Piraeus port. A one-way ticket cost 9 euro.

Athens airport bus – There are airport express buses from the Athens airport to several places in the city, including Syntagma Square and Piraeus port. A one way ticket cost 5.5 euro. 

The Athens metro – You can easily use the metro to travel ove around the city. A one-way ticket, which is valid for 90 minutes, costs 1.20 euro.

If you want to move around downtown Athens, you can also walk – the center is quite compact. 

Here are all the ways to get around Athens.

A taxi in Athens

Demands of the taxi drivers in Athens

Here are some of the Union’s demands:

  • Unrestricted access to bus lanes for taxis transporting passengers
  • A response from the government regarding its tolerance of illegal applications that enable taxis or private services to evade taxes and transfer their earnings overseas
  • Adjustment of the preset fare for the Athens Airport to City Center route, increasing from 40 euros to 45 euros (05:00 – 0:00) and from 55 euros to 60 euros (0:00 – 05:00)
  • Permanent reduction of the VAT rate for taxi services to 13% 
  • Delay the requirement for zero-emission taxis from 2026 to 2035
  • Re-adjust the current legislative measures for the regulation of special taxi licensing and driver’s criminal record
  • Clear distinction of Taxi services vs Rental car with driver services
  • Re-classification of offenses such as customer harassment, or overcharging customers, to high-level violations, resulting in an administrative fine of 1,000 euros and potential revocation of the driver’s Taxi license.

Strikes and protests

Athens taxis will be on strike on February 27 and 28.

In addition to convening a General Assembly to align their regulations with legal requirements, they will organize a rally and protest march outside the Ministry of Transport, close to Ethniki Amyna metro station.

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