Winter Sales In Greece Begin On Monday 8 January 2024

Monday 8 January 2024 marks the beginning of the winter sales in Greece. The sales will end on Monday 29 February.

Winter 2024 Sales In Greece

The 2024 winter sales in Greece are due to begin on Monday 8 January. The sales period will end on Monday 29 February.

Commercial stores all around Greece will be open on Sunday 14 January and Sunday 21 January, from 11:00 to 18:00. Shops in the larger cities, like Athens or Thessaloniki, are typically quite busy.

This is one of the few Sundays throughout the year that stores remain open. This does not include supermarkets, which will remain closed on that day. 

This will be a good opportunity to visit clothes / shoes stores and shopping malls, and buy items on a discount.  

Here are my full guides to shopping in Athens and to souvenirs in Greece.

Sales season in Athens Greece

Sales in Greece: What to pay attention to

Customers are advised to do their research, both offline and online, and doublecheck the item’s original price and sales price. 

Buyers should always check the quality of the products they are interested in, as well as the terms and conditions of their purchase. 

Most stores in Greece do not issue refunds. In addition, a No Return policy might apply for certain sales items. 

Make sure you always ask for your receipt, in case you want to return or exchange a faulty item.

Monastiraki square in Athens Greece

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