Fuel Pass 2: How to get the new Fuel Pass in Greece

The Greek government has announced information for the long-awaited Fuel Pass 2. The platform is scheduled to open at the end of July. Here’s everything you need to know.

Fuel Pass 2 in Greece 

About 3 million vehicle owners in Greece will be eligible for Fuel Pass 2, a subsidy which will range from 45 to 100 euro. The exact sum depends on three factors:

  • type of vehicle – motorcycle vs car
  • place of residence – mainland vs the Greek islands
  • the way the beneficiaries will choose to receive the subsidy – bank account vs smartphone.

The platform for the Fuel Pass 2 is currently scheduled to open during the last days of July. Here is how to see if you are eligible for the Fuel Pass 2, and how to get it.

Who is eligible for the Fuel Pass 2?

Vehicle owners are eligible if their household income is under a certain amount. This amounts starts at 30,000 euro, for a single person household, and extends to 45,000 euro, for a family with 4 children.     

Beneficiaries must submit their Tax Form for 2021 before applying for the new Fuel Pass. They can apply for the Fuel Pass as long as their vehicle is fully insured and all relevant taxes have been paid.

How much is the new Fuel Pass?

The new subsidy ranges from 45 to 100 euro. People who choose to receive the Fuel Pass on a virtual card on their smartphone as opposed to their bank account, will be entitled to an extra 15 euro. Here is the breakdown:

Beneficiaries living in mainland Greece

  • Motorcycle owners: 45 euro (bank account), or 60 euro (smartphone)
  • Vehicle owners: 65 euro (bank account), or 80 euro (smartphone).

Beneficiaries living on the Greek islands

  • Motorcycle owners: 55 euro (bank account), or 70 euro (smartphone)
  • Vehicle owners: 85 euro (bank account), or 100 euro (smartphone).

Fuel Pass 2 in Greece

How can I submit my application for the new Fuel Pass?

You will need to apply at the Fuel Pass platform, with your Taxisnet codes. You will need to include information of your vehicle, your mobile number, e-mail address and bank IBAN number, if you want to receive the subsidy in a bank account.

In case of a couple where both partners have a vehicle each, they may both be eligible for the subsidy. Each of them will have to apply separately. Each person can only apply for one vehicle.

How do I use the virtual card on my smartphone?

You can use the virtual card on your smartphone at any gas station with a POS. You can either use the total amount in one go, or more than once. The card will be valid between July and September. 

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